Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Catch UP

This Christmas was awesome. It wasn't over the top or anything like that. I was surrounded by the people i love. My Dad, mom, sister, hubs, and chubs. It was wonderful.

Chrsitmas Eve we spent it at Disney world. It was a hectic morning followed by some other problems but we finally got to disney world around 2. As soon as we arrived the Disney day parade had started so we were able to watch it!
We didn't get to ride to many rides and THANK GOD my mom and dad WANTED to stay with the baby while my sister hubs and I went off. We had a good time. But thanks to florida's crazy weather it was QUITE chilly that night. Oh well we made the best of it, but seriously note to self do NOT take a baby to disney world expecially when they are on a sleeping schedule and by 7 they just want to be cranky.

Finally Saturday morning i woke up and made a yummy breakfest and we opened up the baby's gifts. Grandma def brought it this christmas. It was awesome. Followed by church and a tour of my hubs hospital where he works.
My hubs is a hospital chaplain

yes my mom bought me a coach purse, she's been promising one since i graduate high school

It was a riding BULLS EYE... not put together yet but you get the point

Overall it was an awesome christmas and the fun continues until saturday morning when my parents leave and my husband works ALL day. YUP ill be crying.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Last minute

Of course there are like 1087087 things i have to do before christmas and my parents arrival in less than 3 hours!!!
today i already did 3 loads of laundry,cleaned the house, made multiple beds, dealt with mr.fussy. i cant wait for tonight, dinner and just good time with my family!! im so so excited.
I thought i would never "host" a christmas but here i am waiting impatiently patiently for them.

i still have to get dressed.
ugh. the hubs is secretly wrapping something in the room... im assuming its for me:)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

So what Wednesday

So what if i haven't even begun deep cleaning and the parents are coming tomorrow

so what if i still haven't purchased all my christmas gifts.

So what if i try to squeeze my son in 6 months clothes and he kinda looks ridiculous ( grandma is coming)

So what if i've made crappy dinners these past days

So what if let the baby sleep in the bed when he wakes up at 3 am and im too lazy to get back up to put him in his crib

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Family time plus mommy fails.

I can not wait wait till thursday night, the family will be here!
They are driving from chicago and its going to be a LONG drive! but im so excited, my sister can't stop talking about it, and my son is going to get the much love he needs from grandma and grandpa!
We went to the outlets here in orlando, the week of christmas... bad bad idea.
Its not "cold" but its windy, and i just had my son in a long sleeve Tshirt wrapped inside my moby wrap- mom fail-
Im being crazy becuase i can just see myself with 60 degree weather in michigan just taking him out in a tshirt and thinking "wow is warm today" but in florida suddenly 60 degrees seems too cold to be not wearing a sweater and a hat ( possibly a jacket).
I finally put the last of the decorations up for christmas ( i know late) but i didn't think i had enough white thread to hang these snowflakes and i guess i did :)
All is ready.
Tomorrow and thursday will be major cleaning up days before the parents come for sure.
Also finish hanging pictures and i guess neither the hubby nor I cared to hang until now.
Always happens, we don't get those last things done until major guest come over.

Im starting to realize half of my belongings are made from plastic, and by mine i mean the baby.Whatever is the babies is mine, all his stuff is everywhere, he just is the king of this house.
It seems like i can not get anything done these days, the baby won't nap, he is teething and although hes playing on the floor he'll come up to the kitchen gate and stand up. He is not balanced enough yet, he can't "bounce" back up. He knows it too cause he starts crying like "mom i dont know how to get back down" its cute also annoying when im washing dishes.

Anyways adios

Sunday, December 19, 2010

My Roomate Weekend

It was a nice relaxing weekend starting thursday!
One of my old roomate from college was in town for a wedding! I was SOOOOOOOOOOOO happy to see her!
She came around 7 pm to meet the babe and say hi to the hubs! her dad was with her too! We had a good time just talking at home but then it was my FIRST girls night out without the baby since he was born!
Andrew stayed with daddy and i went out with my friend.
It was so weird going out without him. I was kind of at a lost.
We went to dinner and just talked and caught up on each other lives. We are both Speech-Pathology graduates and both are on a halt for graduate school. It was SO nice to spend time. Since we had a "late" outing i didn't get home till 1am. It was nice, but i did miss the boys at home. Girls night out never feels the same when your thinking about how the boys are doing and if daddy can handle any emergencies. I know he can but you know im the fierce momma and all.
We did have an AMAZING dark chocolate cake the size of my head.. not kidding. it was AMAZING.
I missed eating out and having chocolate.
I feel like since the baby is more mobile it seems IMPOSSIBLE to eat out he just wants tobe on the floor crawling.
ON saturday the hubs had to work all day so my OTHER college roomate who lives in the area came to spend the day with me. We went to church and then that evening we ordered take out of thai food. We WERE going to eat out but i just saw it being disastrous with the baby and all, so she agreed to eat at my house. Great friend she is :).
We just stayed in, it was fine cause it was a cold,dark, rainy day in orlando. I made some hot chocolate and we watched 16 and pregnant, while i scared the living daylights out her told her how i handled my labor.
Serious i don't know how those girls do it. Me at 16 i JUST got my first kiss, granted these girls get pregnant with their first 'love" and at their first time, but i just don't know how the heck i could handle a baby. Im 23 and sometimes i just feel like crying and having my mom with me..
ha.okay enough about that.

i seriously could not be more excited. I haven't seen them since august and this will be the last time i see them till next august :(. Stupid distance and jobs.
It will be a fast couple of days but i will treasure them. Everyone who has their family near them feel lucky! ( of course if you think its lucky).

I haven't talked much about my dog rocky on here. he is a little maltipom and hes 3.5 pounds. seriously.. hes just so funny to me sometimes. My husband and him do not get along.. for whatever reason.. sigh.. one day my hubs will like dogs, he go me him for my bday last year, but i think both parties need to be on board if you want to get a dog.
I know the babes knows who "rocky" is since im constantly saying "rocky dont touch the babys toys" hahah. i love myself.

I love my rocky.. we may or may not have to give him away next year :( TEAR TEAR TEAR drops, if anyone has a home for him let me know. I hope not i pray not, but we can't find a place in michigan that accepts dogs. story of my freakin life. Im not going to talk about this before i start crying.

why don't i take the time my son is sleeping to actually sleep.
Adios amigos!

Friday, December 17, 2010


Seven is my favorite number. This month my son turned 7 months. Sigh. I know time is going by so fast sometimes i wish for it to stop.

Dear Andrew,

You are 7 months old! You are FULL of energy and life. This past month you started crawling! Its so cute to see you move across the floor exploring everything around you.
You like to do what you please little boy, and you know when your not suppose to be doing certain things ( like taking all the movies out of the shelf).

You are eating solids pretty well.
You are "screaming" and discovering the different sounds that your voice makes.
You aren't making "words" yet but thats okay you are hearing 2 langauges at home so that is kinda confusing, i know blame mommy :)

You love to watch rocky and you think he is sooo funny.
You and daddy love to laugh together and seriously you think daddy is the funniest thing on this earth. Good thing he's a clown too so it all works out.
This month you have developed so much I can't even remember the moment when you were not even able to roll over, seriously seems like yesterday.
Whenever you find something high enough for you to grab and then you stand. I'm scared little boy you just started crawling please don't stand :(.
You are still wobbly when you sit, you need me to be there just in case you topple over.

We still have no teeth :(. Its okay as long as you don't get more fussy than you already are, we are okay.
Your sleeping through the night most of the time, you wake up 2 recently but i think its the teething more than anything else.
You had a sip of juice this month and you LOVED it. We will be giving you more of it mixed with water of course

You look like your daddy more and more each day!
Keep growing strong my little boy we Love you so much

Mom and Dad

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I don't know

The babe is sleeping, the hubs is at work, here is a few moments that I can just think and be me.
So this might just be me dumping whatever is on my mind.
I have the worst nights sleeping when the hubs has to work over night, ugh... and i want to grab the baby and sleep with him in bed, but due to his new mobility and my heavy sleep its not safe for him.. he may or may not have fallen already :S ( I feel like the worse mom admitting this)

Hopefully I'm not the only one.. not that i wish people children to fall, just that i hope everyone is human enough.

yum Panera. I just saw a commercial and i want some soup in a bread bowl.

Oh the days of college and "studying" at panera.
Speaking of which, I miss it... college that is.
I graduated in 2009 so i should be over it right>
I have a husband and a baby.
But seriously motherhood is a totally different learning thing. I just wish i knew/had more friends that were my age that had children. Perhaps thats why i turned into this blog world because i found women in their 20's that have babies. I feel like i can totally relate to their post as well as the more expereinced mothers. I love listening to your advise about children and by the time you have your 3rd the "little things" are not so serious like me a first time mom.
I've learned to be less up tight on things and accepted that i can't keep surfaces clean all the time and that YES my child WILL BE SICK one day.
Thank you !

I married my one and only Boyfriend.
Yes i had other "Friends" that didn't amount to nothing in the end.. and im so lucky that i was able to realize that in time in order to find my true love.
Some people think there is no way you can just find one person and know its the "one".
i did.
And im thankful for Andrew.
( my hubs and chubs share the name :) )
Im glad im going through this crazy thing called life with him. He makes things better with his laugh and constant support
Tonight the babes was crying and he had just left for work. I missed him telling me its okay. He is my rock i lean on when i just feel like im doing something wrong when it comes to parenting.
We are both learning, and i think even if i read all the possible books on parenting i still have to figure out things according to the child you get. each child is so different.
Alas i must go to bed! * yawn* night

Baby its cold outside

Orlando may or may not shut down. Its 30 degrees right now but with a massive wind it feels like 27. Summer time in chicago, artic cold winter in orlando.
I don't know how much massive weather changes my body can handle. Im currently puffing my albuterol every 2 hours rather the once a night i was doing before. You see we just came from Miami last weekend where it was 80 degrees during the day and 50 at night. So sunday as we were coming back from miami my hubby was blasting the AC in the car and then at night we were balsting the heater in the house.
My allergies were up at 100% and my asthma joined them. I hate this weather! Last night i think i cried begging God when will i be able to be happy without allerigies in my life. People often look at me and say  "whats making you sneeze" and i say " the cold" they laugh, but im dead serious, im allergic to the "cold" the crazy weather changes. It can't be 80 degrees one day then 37 at night. IT JUST CAN'T my body goes into shock. Im breastfeeding so i can't take anything "strong" so i've been taking benadryl and decongestants but im trying to NOT take the benadryl too much because im totally lost and drugged.
Sunday night i took one and i had no idea the baby was crying my husband had to bring him to the bed to nurse him and he ended up sleeping there the whole night.
Anyways. Miami was fun this weekend. My hubbys grandparents live there and they had never seen the baby. They loved him, the baby- not so much. Im sure its scary to have people in your face touching you and smiling at you and you have no freaking idea who they are.
We didn't get to do anything 'fun' while we were down there. sadness. But it won't be the last time this year we go down.
We also went to my hubbys "home" church, you know the place where everyone knows you and has known you since you were like 13. It was my first time there so i was nervous to meet everyone who knows my husband. It was nice everyone loved and hugged us and they were just so shocked to see andrew with a wife and a baby- ha is that a good thing or bad?
Its just shocking cause my hubs is a big joker. He loves to be joking around and laughing with everyone. Seriously. Maybe a little pet peeve of mine expeicially when i want to be serious and he just wants to laugh it off. Not me. Its okay we balance each other out. im the "serious" one and he is the "fun" one. Totally okay with me, I'm glad he is the way he is.

We officially have a crawler at home. It was so funny drew got home friday and the baby was crawling. Its just so weird to see this little thing crawling on the floor. Also the baby proofing began. One thing he wants is SHOES! he crawls so fast to get any show he can ( gross) and like any baby he wants the mot dangerous nasty things. whyy!! also he tried to pull him self up on anything he can, his car seat, his bouncer, a random box we have on the floor. The problem is he props himself up on ---- i just ran over to remove a piece of wood out of his hand that he was about to put in his mouth---
This is not fun, im currently typing without looking in order to keep an eye on him ( thank you mavis becon)
okay peace out peeps i gotta catch my son before he runs away into more trouble!

( please pray for my new crawling baby)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Im just tired.

So the last 3 weeks we have been doing wonderful with the "sleeping". We decided to do the CIO method and it worked for us.
Except last night.
He went down like usual around 8 pm. Andrew is the one who usually puts him down and somehow he NEVER cried with him more than like 2 min and then he is out. With me, its another story, id say he cries for a good 10 min and then he is out.
ANyways at least it is not 30 or 40 min like it was the first night.
But last night something was up!
He went to bed at 8, then andrew and I we relax watch our shows and just hang out.
we probably went to bed around 12- 12:30 and at 1:30 i hear screaming crying. So i waited about 15 min before i went in, and most of the time he'll put himself back down, but not this time and i felt bad for our neighbors to be hearing this so i got up and brought him back into the room and fed him. THen i put him back to his bed and waited until he fell asleep completely. At 2:40 he finally was back asleep.
Thats fine right?
THEN he woke up at 5:30.. and the cycle began again.
I m just WORN OUT.
Its like newborn days all over again ( a little bit better than newborn days seeing as i never slept back then)
But now that i've been able to sleep 7-8 hours striaght waking up at those ungodly times just seems plain old WRONG!
at 5:30 after i fed him i told my husband TAKE HIM TO HIS ROOM. He does much much better with him.
I love my baby boy but i need my sleep, im a grumpy, allergy , sneezy gal when i don't get enough sleep.
Poor thing though i think its his teething> or maybe it was too cold or hot? Idk its about 35 degrees at night here in orlando for some strange reason, but then this weekend its back up to the 70's WHAT> THE> HECK>.
Anyways lets see what happens this weekend. We are going to Miami to visit Andrews family so that his grandma can meet the baby FINALLY. We've been here since aug but didnt have the time to go down. Im excited.
Also we are going to his home church were everyone loves him and they have seen pictures of me and our wedding but have not met me PERSONALLY. So they are waiting to meet me
Scared much. No. Yes. I hate being the "new person" its okay i've made andrew come visit both my churches i attend in chicago, all my friends, family. its only fair.

Back to my 37048370 load of laundry, get the house clean, pack bags, and such for the trip tomorrow.
did i mention my son hates napping thus i have a cranky baby all day.
I might just nap with him today when he does.

i leave you with a video of him wanting to crawl. he is getting into everything. im scared.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Oh christmas tree

This Saturday we decided to FINALLY put up our FIRST real christmas tree. Last year it was just andrew and I and since we weren't going to spend more than 14 days in tennessee we just had a SMALL christmas tree. But this year my parents are coming i HAD to have a nice tree
This is the chubs and I right before we put him to bed, he wasn't going to make it any longer. Poor thing, but at least he was awake while we unpacked the tree :)
The hubs and I taking some silly pictures since we haven't taken any silly pictures at all. Plus he didn't want me posting photos on him on FB so ha, here i am blogging them :) he doesn't know.

So yes this was our saturday night :) it was fun and i love the ornaments on our tree!
Its simple but i love it. I do need to get a tree skirt ASAP because it kinda looks ugly without one!

On another note, My son has the HARDEST time napping. Im so upset, he is SO grumpy and clingy and i just can't handle it! Today i decided to let him cry it out, like we do at night time. At night hes SO MUCH easier.
But last night .. idk what the HECK was going on.
he woke up at 3:30 ... didn't go back to sleep till 4:30
Then my husband woke up for work at 4:30 took him to his crib and he fell back asleep, but then he woke up again and I was so tired i just said "bring him to the bed"
He must have fallen asleep cause i dont' remember a thing.

Is it his teething? idk... I just wish sleep was an easier thing. Kids should really come programed to sleep... its good for everyone ... including me.
I have severe allergies. If the weather changes more than 10 degrees i KNOW i will be sneezy and congested the rest of the night. Not only that but my asthma flares up and UGH.
Of course Orlando wants to be 30 degrees atnight! so IM SICK AS A DOG.
My baby is crying, and i just want to take benadryl and knock out.
Im DREADING the move to MI next year. I hate snow. I've been away from it too long. and its miserable up there becuase of the 'lake effect' snow. its horrible.
today is another long day. with a grumpy baby who i hear crying in the room... i must go!

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Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Pictures and jibberish

We took Christmas pictures this evening at Jc Penny- cliche maybe. cute. i think so
Since i have no friends in orlando that do photography we decided to go to JC penny.
We weren't thrilled with the girl we got, but she got some nice shots of us.
I want to make it a thing about taking family pictures every year. I went all out and got lots of different 'sheets' my husband that I was overdoing it, and i probably was, but i just wanted one of each.
Im feeling homesick. Its the holidays maybe? I don't know what it is
My parents are coming to spend the holidays with me, its just i wish
i could spend it with EVERYONE. I miss my grandparents and aunts and uncles.
I just miss chicago.
I miss my family missing this important year of his life. I just hate hate that im litterally like 1100 miles away from them.
I have been enjoying the warm temps down here, but i miss my family terribly.
It sucks not having ANYONE down here. I wish i could go on a date with my husband alone, i don't have anyone down here to sit for us, well at least anyone i trust.
I guess its the life i chose marring a man in ministry. The traveling and the uncertainty of it all.
Its ok its God's will and i have promised to follow where he takes us.
Plus i get to enjoy every minute with my 2 boys.

What is it about nutella?
I've been eating it since i was 7 it seems like, although some of my new friends are JUST learning about it. I know its a european thing, but living in canada i guess i got lucky and was able to experience it before the americans did ;)
I've been eating it with a banana for the last 3 days. SO GOOD.
also chocolate pudding.
anything chocolate really.... must my time for me to get my beloved monthly friend... i still haven't goten it THANK GOODNESS.. im just waiting

adios till now, i hope to get "proofs" of the cliche christmas photos i took, nothing like clicheness for me :)

My teething toothless wonder

The picture above is a picture of my cute toothless wonder. Thats what his dady loves to call him.
Poor thing is teething BAD. He was starting to sleep through the night but now wakes up around 11 crying like crazy.
I blame it on the teething.
seriously poor things have to deal with this. I feel so so bad. Sigh.
I see why women cut their hair short when they have kids. Im tired of it being pulled and HELD ON TO FOR DEAR LIFE. I hurts little andrew don't ya know?
This weekend looks fun for us. We are planning on going to sea world on sunday and taking family pictures either today or saturday.
I m getting these horrible styes in my eyes. Its really annoying. My immune system is so low and everytime i get allergies im bound to get one. its kind of annoying like a lot.
We'll see how i feel.

this is my favortie he looks like he wants to shoot me. haha.
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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It really is the most wonderful time of the year

This past thanksgiving we were able to spend it with friends from college at his parents house. It was a good time with REALLY GOOD FOOD. Since thanksgiving is an aquired traditon in my family i've never had thanksgiving traditions or food like mash potatoes sweet potatoes or pumpkin pie. My husband likes to call me "his little ecuadorian" sometimes when I lack in these traditions. But i love them now and i was so happy to be able to enjoy these traditional foods at our friends house this past weekend.
The hubby played in their annual football game and had a BLAST . I love seeing him so happy playing his flag football and just enjoying his time. I had to be with my baby boy plus im BF and im not going to throw myself to the ground with these ninnies.

Now that the thanksgiving season is over i have TOTAL right to be in christmas mode 24/7. My christmas tree i ordered online came in today. I have no idea what it will look like other than the pictures on line but they can be false.  So im hoping its a nice tree :).

Hubby had to work so tomorrow we will be putting it up :)
i can't wait , seriously christmas is my favorite time ever.

also little andrew is wanting to crawl SO SO SO bad. he manages to throw himself to where he wants to be. but i dont think its safe since he doenst have complete balance and sometimes hits himself on the floor and i can't handle that. Im so a first time mom. for realsies

 Not much to say. just happy to be here with my family and loving the moments with them

Thursday, November 25, 2010


Thanksgiving has been something "new" in my family. Not my new family but my family. We are from ecuador where there is no thanksgiving, but my aunt said it best this morning on FB, that this is the best holiday here in the US. Now my family enjoys the celebration and loves it.
Unfortunately I won't be able to spend it with them but luckily we have friends here in orlando and they have welcomed us into their homes. This year has been a year of BIG changes and im thankful for all of them.
- Im thankful for my husband and all the hard work he does. He takes care of us and allows me to be a SAHM
- MY sweet little baby boy. Its crazy to think im raising a HUMAN BEING and it shocks me to think he grew inside me and now is a baby. He has brought joy ,tears, happiness that my heart never knew i could possibly experience until he came into my life.
- My wonderful family that has been behind us this year and who loves us so so so much its crazy.
- Friends that are happy for us and love our son.
- For life and waking up to a house and food.
- For every little thing that happens that makes life so interesting.
- For kisses and hugs from the hubs :)
- For Our loving Heavenly Father who blesses us beyond compare and watches over us everyday.

Be thankful today and count every blessing.

- The Dormus Family

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Crazy MIL! And check out this giveaway!

Hey guys! go over to 
she has an awesome giveaway for CSN store a 45 dollar gift card! would be awesome to win this especially for the holidays! So go check this out NOW! :)

I feel like im in a new completely different stage with my baby boy.
I don't know how to feel about it. I've been his ONLY source of food and he's been attached to my hip 24/7, now that he is sleeping through the night ( so far this is day 3) i feel like he doesn't need me so much. I know im being ridiciolous an my hubby thinks so too, but i feel like he's leaving my already... someone stop me before i become those crazy typical spanish mother-in-laws. I m not 100% sure on how the sterotype works for other cultures but in the spanish world they are not the nicest.. to say the least.
But i refuse to be that person- I'm just having a hard time with the transition of a new born baby to a growing baby boy.
Im going to be a mess when he leaves for college, or boarding school.

I went to boarding school from my junior and senior year Broadview Academy and i LOVED EVERY MINUTE! it was something i looked forward to since 7th grade when my academy in chicago used to go spend weekends for band fest or choir fest. Sadly due to lack of students and money funding from our religious administration the school closed down :( . It was a big school that could house 300 students yet there was only 60 or 70 tops by the time it closed down.
Anyway i hope my son can go to boarding school to enjoy the experience, although my hubby doesn't agree because he's never been. At the same time i don't want him leaving the house at 14 yet.
Im a mess i know.
I didn't think i wanted more children but the more im with him i think that a couple of months of getting through the newborn stage isn't so bad in order to have a cute little cuddly baby.
But i do really want a girl. like BADLY. I see all these super super cute things and i can't help but to wish for it. I want that connection between a mother and a daughter. Although i know its one of the hardest relationship to nourish, it would be nice to have my baby girl.
We already have a girl and another boy named picked out. Now im not sure WHEN i should have another baby, i don't want a HUGE age gap but at the same time we are not completely stable. Next year my hubby is going to get his masters and we'll be on a MUCH tighter budget. So im not sure 2 kids will help that situation.
anyways im thinking of writting my love story soon!
stay tuned!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Christmas Cards yay :)

This year I plan to finally take christmas pictures!
Im SO . SO. excited
and of course since we are living in orlando this year all my family in chicago and my husband family that just moved to canada want to see pictures of the new baby.
He's the first grandson in my family so everyone is SO SO SO SO SO upset that we can't make it for christmas this year. I have bought some things from shutterfly before such as a photo book with my engagement pictures and i LOVE IT, i don't think any other photo book  compares.. just saying.
On top of that i've received peoples birthing announcement  from shutterfly and i loved it too, always great quality and awesome.

Here are a couple of my favorite cards from shutterfly for this christmas ( sorry i can't figure out the HTML just copy and paste the link :) tell me what you think)

1. http://www.shutterfly.com/cards-stationery/cards-stationery/rejoice-lord-king-religious-christmas-5x7-folded-card?sortType=1&storeNode=93495

2. http://www.shutterfly.com/cards-stationery/cards-stationery/christ-wishes-religious-christmas-card-5x7-flat

3. http://www.shutterfly.com/cards-stationery/cards-stationery/how-holly-story-christmas-5x7-folded-card?sortType=1&storeNode=93476&fb=1&fc=2Luckily shutterfly is offering 50 free cards for their bloggers! YAY. Im hoping to get them!
So go ahead and head over http://blog.shutterfly.com/5358/holiday2010-blog-submission-form/
and see for yourself!

ps . Have i mentioned im SO SO SO SO excited to see my parents and have a disney christmas! SO excited!

Can this be true tell me can this be real

Andrew and I have been co-sleeping with our little boy since the day he was born. Basically cause he was the worst sleeper ever, hated to be swaddled and just cried all night. We had no choice but to bring him to our bed in order for us to remain sane. Its been 6 months now and i finally felt it was time to try ferberizing him. Believe me it took all my energy my heart my life to let him cry it out but I did. on accident.
Let me explain
Saturday night we had come back from shopping and it was time for baby drews bed time. We did our regular routine and nursed him, hoping he would fall asleep, no luck, so i got up and rocked him and he was NOT HAVING IT. He squirmed and screamed and just seemed like he didn't want me to hold him. So i was pretty fed up trying to rock a 17 pound baby and just came out the the living room and told my hubby " i cant do this anymore"... We decided to put him in the playpen next to our bed and let him cry. He cried for about 30 minutes ( with my husband checking on him every 5 minutes) and then he stopped.
Could he have fallen asleep without me constantly rocking him?
It was true. he fell asleep.
and stayed asleep till about 4:45 am.
and the i let him cry and he fell back asleep around 6:00 am.
 The next day we tried to let him cry a little to fall asleep for his morning nap. sure enough he fell asleep again.
And last night we let him sleep in his own room in his own crib.
And guess what.
He slept most of the night
with an exception which i don't remember cuase my husband got up to "reassure" him we are still here.
then i woke up 8 am and i couldn't believe that i had actually slept more than 2 hours in a row. increidible
i had my own bed.
But i did miss him
i cried last night when i realized he wasn't with us in the bed.
But i guess its normal since he's been there for 6 months, half a year!
But tonight i hope not to cry. Im sad but also happy and relieved that he can put himself to sleep, I was started to think that it was going to be impossible.
I know the CIO method is controversial but luckily he isn't crying for 2 hours or anything like that. the most has been 35 min.
And i can handle that. Last night my husband put him in his crib and i just went to take a shower to drown out the crying, becuase it still hurts me.
I know there are other  " no cry methods"
But so far this has worked for us.
I hope things stay this way. I really do. But  i know babies change and go through stages but as of now i have gotten my first real night of sleep.
and it feels good. oh so good.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

6 Months

Dear Andrew,
Today your 6 months old today!
You are such a happy little boy. You love to watch your daddy and you just LAUGH and SMILE at him all. the .time.
Although you are attached to my hip, its okay im enjoying every single moment with you.
You are the joy of our lives! seriously. You make everything so happy in our house and I can't imagine a time without you.
At 6 months you are doing the following things
1. laughing and smiling at everyone
2. You love when I read you seasme street zoo book you love the colors and things you see.
3. you JUST started to roll over and have realized that you are rolled over and you wake up. sigh i hope you realize you can go back to sleep.
4.You love to jump jump and I love it.
5. You are not sleeping through the night ..yet.. its okay
6. You nap a little sometimes your suprising and nap 2 hours other days just 20 min.
7. You love to put EVERYTHING IN YOUR MOUTH.
8. You want to grab everything daddy and I eat.
9. You eat rice cereal and oatmeal. Your not a HUGE fan but you like it
10. You are just a joy. i love you.

My sweetie
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Football till feb..

Its clear that like *most* men, mine of course loves him some football.

Sunday by sunday we usually stay in and watch football all day. WHich is fine with me, i enjoy my time with my hubby and son and enjoy his excitment when his teams are winning.
And we sometime got and get dinner to go so thats nice too :)
But i must say sometime i can't wait till the season is over. Its too long i think.. Late August till Early February.. AHHH its okay, my husband doesn't have any "bad" habits except this one so i'll take it!
I've been super excited about my parents coming, at the same time worried about how things will go around my house. See my Dad hates being a "bother" to others which he doesn't understand that he is not a bother to me at all or my husband. Anyways this will be the first time that they will be visiting me as a "married" woman in MY house, it will be different but i hope that my dad can feel comfortable enough to be okay. I know my mom and sister will feel fine because they probably think its their right to feel at home :) which is fine i want them to feel that way.
I can't wait to get christmas stuff up!!!!!!!! Although my hubs isn't a HUGE fan of christmas, I am and i want to keep it that way forever. I love everything about it and this christmas we will be having a disney christmas here in orlando.
We're going to spend all day at magic kingdom on the 24th have dinner somewhere and come back home and show my parents videos of the stuff the baby has done thus far to catch them up on some things.
I feel like i havent recorded NEARLY as much, i don't think i have any newborn videos and that makes me so.so.so sad.
oh well i can't dwell on that right now
I LOVE etsy.com, seriously
I just ordered an iron on sticker of a turkey with the miami dolphin colors for him to wear on thanksgiving, which we are spending with a bunch of friends from college at their parents house

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Decorating plus a magical discovery

At last!
I have ordered some slip covers for my couches!
My hubby doesn't know, maybe he'll be surprised!
We got handy me down couches from who knows who and they have probably been around for awhile.
Plus my parents are coming for christmas and i need to make this house look homey
Also i finally ordered a tree decal for the baby's room!
I know he's 6 months old but we just got his crib set up and now finally getting things organized
reason is we were in between moving from tennessee to chicago then to orlando
so clearly there was no "room " for him
now we have been living in orlando for 3 months ( feels like ive been here for 3 years) and its time to get things set up
plus once he turns 6 months im going to TRY to put him in his crib and let him cry it out
if it doesn't work,, then it doesn't work, but im going to try.
My hubby and I need OUR bed back asap.
plus his room is going to look so cute :)
SO normally my little rascal only takes 20 min naps 45 TOPS but today i decided to turn on the bathroom fan thats in our room... and guess what!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he slept for almost 2 hours!
I was shocked. the first nap, i naped with him
then the afternoon nap i let him sleep on his own, he ended up sleeping an hour and 35 minutes which is amazing. I was able to clean his room and make some rosette flowers for a new headband im making i couldn't be happier.
Lets see how this works out....
FInally he's almost 6 months.. were is time going..
now to get family portraits done for christmas cards

Monday, November 1, 2010

Weekend with my boys

This weekend was laid back. My hubby worked all day saturday and i was pretty bummed, but at least we spent saturday night watching a movie ( just the two of us) which i can't even remember the last time that happened and eating subway :)
We were suppose to go to the zoo on sunday buttt i wasn't feeling all that well.
I was able to sell my extra moby wrap for full price on craigslist, not intentionally there was a poor mom who was in DESPERATE need of her moby wrap because the airline lost hers and she was visiting disney for the week, she wanted to pay me full price so i didn't argue.lol
I was able to buy a rocking chair i needed badly through another craigslist person.. so all in all win win :).
I love craigslist, i've gotten nanny jobs for most my college summer days, and now im buying items i just don't feel like paying full price for.
We decided to go to the mall to see if we could find sales, and we did!
i got Andrew David a GAP shirt and the cutesttttt yellow rain coat for 14 total for both things.
the coat was like 49.00 and the shirt 25.00... i think i got a good deal. :)
THey are sizes 18-24, but i dont really have any big clothes for him so im starting to collect clothes for him.
Also you need to check out Adventures of Us, she is having an awesome giveaway 50$ target gift card great for christmas coming up :).
Anyways, I'm trying to get myself ready for middle of November when andrew turns  6 months and we're going to try to teach him to sleep on his own, trying various methods.. right now he is TOO dependent on my to sleep i every way, i need to sleep one of these days a full night or at least 5 hours straight.. sooo yeahhh... we'll see what happens.
I'm happy about all the christmas decorations in all the stores. i wanna make this one extra special.... and for Christmas i want a 6 hour massage,..HA. i told my hubby and he said... good to know :)
we shall see.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Birth Story. (long over due)

I'm writting this now almos 6 months later because: 1. i just started a blog. 2. I need to write it down somewhere :)
So the monday of the week he was born i had a doctors appointment, a regular check up. I was 38 1/2 weeks along on thursday it would have been 39. My Dr. told me that he would like to see me on thrusday and most likely induce me. He said he didn't want to risk the baby pooping inside and getting a infection. i was NOT happy hearing this and i didn'y want to be induced, i just wanted it to happen naturally. i wasn't over due soooo my hubs and i concluded he just wanted to "fit me in" his schedule ( because he was on duty that weekened)
Our doctor tells us he starts his shift at 7 pm and he wants us there either at 6:30 or 8 so we avoid the nurses shift change. So Andrew and I get to the hospital at 5:30 and we try to register downstairs with the register people but they tell us that we just need to head straight to L&D. I tell the im NOT in labor but they said to go there.
So we do. We go there and of course they tell us to go back and register with IN patient and not out patient. ( did i mention im 9 months pregnant and im waddaling around this hospital!)
FInally we do all the registering, insurance blah blah.We head back up there to L and D and they ask me for my name. I told them my docotor called to put me in the schedule im being induced and he told me to be here at this time. They start looking at their schedule and they say " your not on here" WELLL OF COURSE IM NOT IT ALWAYS HAPPENS TO ME. So i say "well maybe look at 7pm im here early to avoid nursing shifts. She says " nope". Then she calls my doctors office and she comes back and tells me, " you were suppose to be here at 7 AM!!" .... UMMMMMMMMMM 7 am? nobody told me. I guess i should have asked but since he said 7pm his shift started i figured I needed to be there at that time as well!
Thanks alot Doc.
Needless to say i wasn't very "fond" on my doctor. I had no one to refer me to their "favorite" OB and i just had to look online for reviews. He was given so many good reviews that i was like WOW cool okay this will be nice.
Not only that be turns out he went to the same university as me, but no longer is associated with the reglion of the university and his father is a pastor, and my husband is also in ministry. I thought that would bond us, but it didn't. He often made remarks about my vegatarisim and how he knows i don't "drink" or "smoke" but he always said it in a condensending way.

So we finally get checked in and my doctor gets there and gives us a look as in why wasn't i here at 7 am . I told him there must have been a misunderstand i guess. ( i wasnt happy). So he starts cervidil. HOLY MONKEY COW him putting that in was so extremely painful i was crying. I just hated everything about how rough he was. He proceeds to tell me " now we're 12 hours behind schedule." Wow. seriously. he was worried about HIS schedule cause he was off sunday night. So at this point im 1 cm dilated ( since thursday) and -2 effaced. Great. And of course everyone tells yu since your a first time mom it can take days. DAYS. DEAR JESUS why, i don't know what i was feeling at that point. Just frustration. I wanted everything to happen naturally, the process that is not the laboring, i wanted that epidural no one would change my mind. I wanted to water to break, i wanted an epi, and i wanted to start pushing. HAHAH yeah right.
12 hours later..........
They come check me and see what my cervidil had accomplished- NOTHING.
NOTHING! not even 1 more cm???.. nope nothing
So my doctor made the nurse give me another dose of cervidil.
she wasn't as rough as he was but it wasnt very comfortable.
12 more hours of waiting...
Now i had my family visiting me and that was sooo nice.
My husband was with me all the time and my sister was there most of the time.
more waiting .. at this point i was STARVING.
I hadn't eaten anything since friday afternoon and i was so so so so so so hungry.
but they didn't want to give me anything.
so i just waited and waited and more waiting
until saturday night around 9 they gave be a turkey sandwhich with graham crackers.
best sandwich in my life. mostly because i hadn't eaten anything.
My parents stayed with andrew and i till around 9 pm and then everyone left.
I remember watching a re run of SNL and thinking... im going to have a baby soon!
I remember being so nervous. I wanted to be strong and not scared in front of everyone. but the truth is i was so nervous, i had no idea what to expect.
at midnight they decided to go ahead and start the pitocin on me.
So they did. Andrew was wondering if he could take a nap, i said okay. even though i couldn't sleep at all knowning that contractions would begin soon.
It was 3 am when the contractions came, and boy did they come fast.
i woke andrew up after the first one.
He was wonderful.
he helped me breath through every single one of them.
Remember i was not planning to ever have a natural ( med free) birth so my nurse came in about 30 min from when my contractions started saying " do you want your epi?" i said no, im okay for now.
WHAT WAS A THINKING.. i wasn't sure what i was thinking why i said no to this offer. I guess i wanted to feel what they were like, and i wanted to endure some pain since i was going to have an epidural. I don't remember whatever my stupid reason was i had contractions for about 2 hours. then i couldnt take it anymore.
My nurse came in and said
" can i ask you why you don't want the epidural"
i said I DO NOW!!
in less than 10 minutes the wonderful anesthesiologist came.
Okay so i was always scared that if you move when they are putting the needle in you can become paralyzed.
So of course i asked him how many people did he know became paralyzed after an epidural.
he looked at e like.. seriouslyy?
he said none.
they made my husband leave so it was just me and my nurse ( who also worked as a part time police officer.. werid huh) also throughout my weekend i had 4 nurses 2 names janet and 2 named maria.. but i digress..
i was scared of getting the epidural. she said it would feel like a bee sting... i had no idea ive never been stung by a bee...
ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm it sure didn't.. the nurse was holding me down and i said what if i have another contraction while he is putting the needle in and i move!!.
anywayss it hurt like hell. i felt the colddddddd liquid down my spine but soon i felt the oohh sooo sweet feeling of relieve.
it was 5 am now and i felt like i was a different woman. i totally fell asleep.
my doctor came at 7 to check on me.. i was like 4 cm dialted and he decided to break my water.'
i went back to sleep till about 9 when the surgical tech and nurse came in. i was 6 cm dialted at 9 am. the surge tech was setting everything up for the the baby and then it hit me hard ..i was having a baby TODAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. she talked to me about what she was doing and other things, andrew and i were laughing and pretty calm, until i felt like i needed to pee badly. i didnt want to say anything because i just thought i was being weird.. then the feeling became more intense... like i was told.. a strong feeling to poop. i called my nurse and she said " yup your ready to push"

it was 10 am at this point.
oh goodness i couldnt believe it
my mom, grandma, and andrew were all there.
and thus began by 2 hour long pushing session.
it was werid i felt what i was doing it wasnt extremely painful but a lot of pressure and feeling weird.
During this time it was mostly andrew and my mom holding my legs and the nurse coaching me though it
my doctor sat in the room and played with his new IPAD
.... im not sure if he was just trying to keep me calm or whatever but it was strange
he asked me what is my favorite classical artist and thus he started play "spring" from vavaldi.
My mom was freaking out and andrew couldn't believe how worried she was the whole time. it was kinda funny, i had to tell my mom to "keep it together"
My grandma, who has 5 kids, had NEVER seen how a birth is done. She was in shock and couldn't believe she had done it 5 times.
So i pushed and pushed.... the whole time i was thinking pleaseeeeeee God don't let me tear... I was lucky and didn't.
When he started to crown the doctor got ready and came over.
he was like "wow that baby has a lot of hair" you must have had baddd heart burn.

I didn't, just once in awhile.. but he should know that since he saw me all the time.. anyways...

Now i thought maybe with the epidural i wouldn't feel a thing boy was i wrong.
The doctor said "he's almost here push" i was pushing and pushing and i felt like nothing was happening. I just wanted him OUTTTTTT.
When his head was coming out it was like a ring of fire. it was painful.
I remember screaming I CANT DO THIS ANYMORE.
of course my mom and andrew were like "YES YOU CAN YOU CAN"
and i let out a BIG cry and then i felt a GUSH of water and yuckyness im sure come out.
I remember the doctor saying "whoa his cord is wrapped around 2 times " i kinda freaked out thinking OH MY GOODNESS shouldn't i have known this already through an ultra sound..
But then i heard his cry... his soft "pathetic" cry.
He proceeded taking my placenta out. luckily with no problems.. and he was like
" the placenta is out... i guess nobody cares"
Everyone was taking pictures and looking at the baby.
so at 12:08 pm my baby boy arrived into this world. on a sunny sunday afternoon.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Full time job

Yes. Being a stay at home mom is a FULL TIME JOB. I hate when people are like " oh your at home with the baby" are you kidding me? Have you dealt with a baby before? During my college summer breaks i would nanny for multiple families and once i nannied a 3 month old and it was nice but only cause i could hand the baby over to her mom and go home and do my own thing. But there is no break when your a mom. you have no weekends or breaks its 24/7 all the time. But the rewards are endless. Im so excited and lucky to stay home with my munchkin . I get to wake up to those little faces and hug and cuddle him all day!. Along with the regular things that come with baby ( crying, whinning.. ect.) i wouldn't trade this for the world.
Im also so so so excited to see my friends this weekend that are coming from TN for their college break. yay!

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

A rant of sorts, plus christmas

So when i was pregnant my hair was sooo long and shiny and i was soo excited about it! i had been warned about the dreaded post hair loss but my baby was 2 1/2 months and NOTHING!! i thought i had escaped it! HA! was i wrong. my friends mom told me it stated for her when her babies were 3 months and as you know it mine started then as well. Im so so so tired of seeing hair everywhereeee. It falls out so much im scared to brush my hair anymore.
Halloween is coming up and its going to be annoying this year. I really don't want kids ringing the doorbell at 8 pm when im trying to put the baby to sleep.... also i hate this time because i HATE HATE scary movies, i can't stand them because even though im 23 years i hate the dark and even though its not true i can't help but to be freaked out for the next 10374083 years. gah. i hate it but till this day i hate chuckie and i hate freddie and all of those scary guys.

This Christmas is not going to be as fun as all my other ones. We can't go to chicago becuase my hubby doesn't have enough time off :(. My  Dad, mom, and sister have promised to come to orlando for christmas and i HOPE that they follow through. Its my sweet boy's first christmas and I want to make it as special as I can! Since we are in orlando maybe we will spend christmas eve day at disney world! that will be different but also fun!
Since my family is from ecuador we have never celebrated "Christmas" on the 25th morning per say, we have a BIG party the 24th and open presents at 12 am midnight and stay up singing and just talking till 3 am. Then the 25th everyone comes over to eat left overs and we watch a movie. Since my hubby is a traditional american i want to incorporate BOTH traditions. I've always enjoyed watching families on TV get up on the 25th and open presents in the morning and the kids get to play with their new toys all day, so I want to do both. I want to celebrate big on the 24th AND have a fun breakfest and presents with them on the 25th. Traditions that i want to keep going. I hope that we will always be close to my family so i can enjoy my mom and her big parties for as long as i can. My mom makes everything so special , i love it. She has made everything i have accomplished into a "big deal" and i love it, it makes me feel sooo special and worth it. I hope to do the same for my son. I wanna be THAT mom, i want him to know that if he does things correctly he deserves to be praised for it.
I love love Christmas! and this year since my parents are coming to my house i get to decorate even MORE. Last year it was just andrew and I and we spent most of the hoilday season in chicago that i didn't go all out like i wanted to! BUT this year i hope my hubby is prepared because i really want to make it special for us.
I keep forgetting about myself in a way, everything i think about is "my son this and that" i forget to remember to pamper myself and think of what i would like for christmas. I'm not sure what i want, i just want everyone i love close to me, and like the cliche christmas song ( that i love), all i want for christmas is you, and by you i mean my family.
I still miss sleeping.
I still miss going out late at night with the hubby to walmart
I miss "our" time
but nothing compares to the smiles and giggles we get from our baby boy in the morning. gosh he is just so precious.

But since it is thursday i want to say I'm thankful for the following things:
- waking up to sunshine every.single. day. those are the joys of living in florida
- waking up to the boys that love me back
-having a hard working hubby
-having some alone time at night when i put the baby down, even though it means i sacrafice sleep just to be up till 12 am with my hubby
-having a comfy home
-that i was able to make a successful "mac grill" type bread
- Talking to my husband about feelings

Friday, October 8, 2010

My Lover

In the hussle of daily live and with our new addition to the family i hardly find time to write about "us". Of course baby andrew does so many cute things and my thoughts seem to be consummed by him all the time there is always my dear hubby next to me. He does so much for us everyday and i thank him that i am able to be a stay at home mom. I just love to remember our wedding day, it was so special and I am so thankful that my mom made sure it was special so I can always remember it!
These pictures bring so much happiness to my life.

Top 10 reasons why I love my hubby
1. He is sweet
2. He never forgets to give me a kiss before he goes to work even though i'm knocked out mouth open sleeping
3. He loves God
4. He loves our son, and will do anything for him
5. Is funny. He always makes me laugh
6. We can talk about ANYTHING and laugh about it
7. He tries to please me as much as he can
8. He understands me when i'm sad
9. He is particular and i love it
10. He buys me little gifts that make me smile
Till death do us part papi i love you
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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Dear Sleep I miss you

Ahhh good ol' sleep,  how i miss thee. SERIOUSLY PEOPLE i miss sleep. I look back now on those late night college days when i used to stay up with my roomates watching the office or any old show just becuase we could ( ha and studying of course ;) ) although i must admit i've never pulled an all nighter, mostly because i just CAN'T i get sneezy and tired by 3 am and by 4 i feel like my body is dying. So of course i get the baby who is NOT the perfect sleepy newborn that everyone has, or that books tell you that your newborn sleeps about 20 hours a day! REALLY?! i was sooo lied to. I remember going to the ped, and asking him if my son's sleeping habits are normal * falling alseep at 2 am and waking up every 1 hr* he said yup some moms are dealt with the good cards while others are not... basically DEAL WITH IT. Alas I'm still dealing with it, and i can't remember that last time i slept more than 3 hours in a row.. i miss just sleeping and waking up feeling rested. I'm trying a schedule with him now so somewhere between 8:30-9:30 he is asleep and has established a weird habit of waking up 3 times in the hour and by the 3rd time he sleep a good chunk. Why am i not sleeping with him now you ask?? because this is the only time the WHOLE.DAY. i can have for myself. I just want to be online without having him on my lap drooling and trying to grab my glasses off my face. Don't get me wrong i love him SO SO much there are no words to describe my love but mommy needs alone time .... Anyways i'm soooo hesitant about using the "cry it out" method but we will see, maybe next month i'll start it... till then he is in our bed ( don't judge me or give me advice on that please we are fine with it and thats all that matters) and it makes my life easier for nightly feedings, but soon we will be putting him in his own room in his crib, i must admit i miss him already just thinking of him being in another room but at the same time i will enjoy my own bed for the first time in months.
So till then pray for us as we struggle with the "difficult sleeper" type baby and hopefully he can find a way to soothe himself without me having to be RIGHT THERE all the time.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Food Time~

THis weekend has been fun!
FIrst started off with feeding our little one some rice cereal for the first time! He was hesistant at first but by mid bowl he was enjoying it. He made the CUTEST faces when he was eating and looking at us like "what the heck, why not". He's been drooling and salivating everytime we eat so the docotor gave us the 'go' to feed him some rice cereal.
I alsooo FINALLY got my letters that i ordered! Like i said they are BIG and perfect!
THey came in wood, i painted them with Gesso and then i tried to find some ideas online for Andrew's letters. FInally i found something i like, the letters are green, brown , and yellow ( they kind look black in the picture but they are not). I'm happy on how they turned out! My Second crafty type project! and the 'G' and 'A' is for our room, I'm painting them black.

Anyways hope everyone's weekend was relaxing as well
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Friday, October 1, 2010

Wooden letters!

YAY! I FINALLY received my wooden letters i ordered from Bcrafty.com . It took them about 3 weeks to deliver them, ( which i was not to happy about) but they are PERFECT. I paid about 3 dollars for each letter but they are BIG and PERFECT. you can pick your own font and you can have them painted or DIY. I'm opting to DIY becuase, although im not the most crafty person in the world, I'm not willing to pay 20.00 a LETTER for something i can try to do :). I took a painting class my senior year in college and i have left over supplies that i'm going to use!  SOOO I HOPEE i can do a good job i'm still debating on the design but im thinking alternating green and chocolate brown letters with white/yellow dots, although i saw some buttons on some designs i saw online, so maybe i'll do that. YAY so excited.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Too much summer, not enough sleep

let me start off by saying orlando is tooooooo tooooo hot, i mean as much as i love summer i can only handle it for so much. I know i live in orlando and i have no right to complain but its almost October and every day its 90 degrees or higher. Oh well, i guess im just going to have to wait till december for some "fall" type weather. So September has always been an eventfull month for me. My birthday happens this month,but last year a couple day before my birthday we found out i was pregnant ( September 17,2009). Needless to say it was a surprise. I was having an unusual craving for strawberry slushies from sonics and i had no idea why! I mean i like them but not as much to be asking for them EVERYDAY! I got a little suspicious but didn't think to much about it. Earlier that month i had bought a set of pregnancy test because i thought i was pregnant but i knew for a fact i wasn't! So earlier that month the test came out NEGATIVE so i was convinced i wasn't pregnant. Later that day ( thursday) i called my mom and she said maybe i should start thinking about starting a family since i wasn't going to be able to go to grad school right away andddd since it was my dream to stay home with my child until he/she went to kindergarden. I was like MOM YOUR CRAZYY stop talking this nonsense. Then that night ( after andrew went to get me a strawberry slushie) i told him im going to take a pregnancy test the extra one i had in the closet. I was  SO SO SO sure it was going to be negative that i didn't even worry about it. I peed on the stick and proceeded to get up when i saw the 2 lines that indicated "pregnant". I. was. speechless. I was like OH MY GOODNESS ANDREWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. yes, it was a shock at first and it took me by surprise but andrew seemed so happy that it relaxed me. The next day we went to the doctor to confirm it , and indeed i was having a baby :). I remember on my birthday the 21st, during dinner i thought " next year around this time i will have a 4 month old baby in my arms", and yes i did for dinner i had a baby in my arms and I couldn't be happier. He has brought so many joys, he makes us laugh and he is so special.

Now he has NEVER been a good sleeper since he was brought home! But this month we are going to try to teach him to sleep on his own. I hateeeeeee letting him cry it out, but I have to try something and im not going to let him cry more than 10 min at a time. So far its not going well. What have some of you tried out there? He has NEVER liked to be swaddled since we brought him home he would cry until i unswaddled him and i've tried pacifiers but he HATES HATES them, he will spit them out and cry when i put them in his mouth, so none of that willl help. I guess i'll see what happens! pray for me because im not good at letting him cry it out.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The blog world!!

So i had a wonderful relaxing weekend with my boys! it was wonderful. Now im so excited about this blog world and im excited about giveaways that other awesome bloggers do! " naturally caffeinated family" is such a fun blog to read and she is doing an awesome giveaway check it out

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Language Dilemma

So from my first blog you see that i majored in Speech-Language Pathology soooo language is an important thing to me, not only that but i am bilingual myself i speak both Spanish and English fluently. Now here comes everyone's question, " are you going to teach your son Spanish". Lets take it back to before i even had andrew, i planned on ONLY speaking Spanish to him. I knew it was going to be hard because my husband  doesn't speak Spanish (yet) but we can all learn together. Fast forward a bit and now my son is almost 4 months and i find myself in a problemoo. When he was first born it was strange to me to talk to him in a "goo goo ga ga " voice, but it also felt weird to talk to him like i talk to my husband. The next problem is that it did NOT feel natural to speak to him in Spanish. As much as i told myself all he would hear is Spanish i just couldn't do it.  You see although i speak both languages i feel much more comfortable in English and I've never been one of those spanglish speaking girls. I am now finally feeling comfortable speaking in Spanish but i speak to him in english. I'm trying soooo hard to get him to be bilingual but it is much.much.much. harder than i ever imagined ( especially if your the only one speaking in Spanish) but alas i will try my best. Also my mom would kill me if i didn't teach him, her exact words were  " i don't want him coming to me and saying WHAT GRANDMA". So my mission continues...

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My very first blog

My very first blog ever. I never really thought I would start blogging but with so many cute things that my son does, I figured this would be the best way to document it. Plus i always wanted to do a blog so there is a good excuse there ;). First of all for others reading my blog that don't know me, I'm 22 years old ( soon to be 23) and  I am married to a wonderful man and we have a cute, funny, adorable son. We just moved to Orlando where my husband is starting a new job and I get to be a stay at home mom. I feel lucky that I am able to do this because it has always been a dream of mine that when i did have children I would be able to stay home and raise them till they go to kindergarden. Although I do miss school, this is definitely a FULL TIME JOB. I graduated with a B.S. in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology and one day after my son goes to Kindergarden * tear*  I plan on getting my Masters in Speech.  We also have a veryyy small but so funny dog named Rocky ( haha) he is 3/4 maltese 1/4 Pomeranian. Our little boy is 3 1/2 months and so veryy full of energy. We have been thrown into adulthood full speed let me tell you that. Its been exciting so far and just having our baby makes life even more exciting. He's still not sleeping through the night but I hope this will change soon, veryyy soon ;).

 I hope i get to meet other mommies and find all my friends that do have blogs to find me on here :)