Thursday, December 9, 2010

Im just tired.

So the last 3 weeks we have been doing wonderful with the "sleeping". We decided to do the CIO method and it worked for us.
Except last night.
He went down like usual around 8 pm. Andrew is the one who usually puts him down and somehow he NEVER cried with him more than like 2 min and then he is out. With me, its another story, id say he cries for a good 10 min and then he is out.
ANyways at least it is not 30 or 40 min like it was the first night.
But last night something was up!
He went to bed at 8, then andrew and I we relax watch our shows and just hang out.
we probably went to bed around 12- 12:30 and at 1:30 i hear screaming crying. So i waited about 15 min before i went in, and most of the time he'll put himself back down, but not this time and i felt bad for our neighbors to be hearing this so i got up and brought him back into the room and fed him. THen i put him back to his bed and waited until he fell asleep completely. At 2:40 he finally was back asleep.
Thats fine right?
THEN he woke up at 5:30.. and the cycle began again.
I m just WORN OUT.
Its like newborn days all over again ( a little bit better than newborn days seeing as i never slept back then)
But now that i've been able to sleep 7-8 hours striaght waking up at those ungodly times just seems plain old WRONG!
at 5:30 after i fed him i told my husband TAKE HIM TO HIS ROOM. He does much much better with him.
I love my baby boy but i need my sleep, im a grumpy, allergy , sneezy gal when i don't get enough sleep.
Poor thing though i think its his teething> or maybe it was too cold or hot? Idk its about 35 degrees at night here in orlando for some strange reason, but then this weekend its back up to the 70's WHAT> THE> HECK>.
Anyways lets see what happens this weekend. We are going to Miami to visit Andrews family so that his grandma can meet the baby FINALLY. We've been here since aug but didnt have the time to go down. Im excited.
Also we are going to his home church were everyone loves him and they have seen pictures of me and our wedding but have not met me PERSONALLY. So they are waiting to meet me
Scared much. No. Yes. I hate being the "new person" its okay i've made andrew come visit both my churches i attend in chicago, all my friends, family. its only fair.

Back to my 37048370 load of laundry, get the house clean, pack bags, and such for the trip tomorrow.
did i mention my son hates napping thus i have a cranky baby all day.
I might just nap with him today when he does.

i leave you with a video of him wanting to crawl. he is getting into everything. im scared.

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