Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Pictures and jibberish

We took Christmas pictures this evening at Jc Penny- cliche maybe. cute. i think so
Since i have no friends in orlando that do photography we decided to go to JC penny.
We weren't thrilled with the girl we got, but she got some nice shots of us.
I want to make it a thing about taking family pictures every year. I went all out and got lots of different 'sheets' my husband that I was overdoing it, and i probably was, but i just wanted one of each.
Im feeling homesick. Its the holidays maybe? I don't know what it is
My parents are coming to spend the holidays with me, its just i wish
i could spend it with EVERYONE. I miss my grandparents and aunts and uncles.
I just miss chicago.
I miss my family missing this important year of his life. I just hate hate that im litterally like 1100 miles away from them.
I have been enjoying the warm temps down here, but i miss my family terribly.
It sucks not having ANYONE down here. I wish i could go on a date with my husband alone, i don't have anyone down here to sit for us, well at least anyone i trust.
I guess its the life i chose marring a man in ministry. The traveling and the uncertainty of it all.
Its ok its God's will and i have promised to follow where he takes us.
Plus i get to enjoy every minute with my 2 boys.

What is it about nutella?
I've been eating it since i was 7 it seems like, although some of my new friends are JUST learning about it. I know its a european thing, but living in canada i guess i got lucky and was able to experience it before the americans did ;)
I've been eating it with a banana for the last 3 days. SO GOOD.
also chocolate pudding.
anything chocolate really.... must my time for me to get my beloved monthly friend... i still haven't goten it THANK GOODNESS.. im just waiting

adios till now, i hope to get "proofs" of the cliche christmas photos i took, nothing like clicheness for me :)

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