Tuesday, November 16, 2010

6 Months

Dear Andrew,
Today your 6 months old today!
You are such a happy little boy. You love to watch your daddy and you just LAUGH and SMILE at him all. the .time.
Although you are attached to my hip, its okay im enjoying every single moment with you.
You are the joy of our lives! seriously. You make everything so happy in our house and I can't imagine a time without you.
At 6 months you are doing the following things
1. laughing and smiling at everyone
2. You love when I read you seasme street zoo book you love the colors and things you see.
3. you JUST started to roll over and have realized that you are rolled over and you wake up. sigh i hope you realize you can go back to sleep.
4.You love to jump jump and I love it.
5. You are not sleeping through the night ..yet.. its okay
6. You nap a little sometimes your suprising and nap 2 hours other days just 20 min.
7. You love to put EVERYTHING IN YOUR MOUTH.
8. You want to grab everything daddy and I eat.
9. You eat rice cereal and oatmeal. Your not a HUGE fan but you like it
10. You are just a joy. i love you.

My sweetie
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