Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Football till feb..

Its clear that like *most* men, mine of course loves him some football.

Sunday by sunday we usually stay in and watch football all day. WHich is fine with me, i enjoy my time with my hubby and son and enjoy his excitment when his teams are winning.
And we sometime got and get dinner to go so thats nice too :)
But i must say sometime i can't wait till the season is over. Its too long i think.. Late August till Early February.. AHHH its okay, my husband doesn't have any "bad" habits except this one so i'll take it!
I've been super excited about my parents coming, at the same time worried about how things will go around my house. See my Dad hates being a "bother" to others which he doesn't understand that he is not a bother to me at all or my husband. Anyways this will be the first time that they will be visiting me as a "married" woman in MY house, it will be different but i hope that my dad can feel comfortable enough to be okay. I know my mom and sister will feel fine because they probably think its their right to feel at home :) which is fine i want them to feel that way.
I can't wait to get christmas stuff up!!!!!!!! Although my hubs isn't a HUGE fan of christmas, I am and i want to keep it that way forever. I love everything about it and this christmas we will be having a disney christmas here in orlando.
We're going to spend all day at magic kingdom on the 24th have dinner somewhere and come back home and show my parents videos of the stuff the baby has done thus far to catch them up on some things.
I feel like i havent recorded NEARLY as much, i don't think i have any newborn videos and that makes me so.so.so sad.
oh well i can't dwell on that right now
I LOVE etsy.com, seriously
I just ordered an iron on sticker of a turkey with the miami dolphin colors for him to wear on thanksgiving, which we are spending with a bunch of friends from college at their parents house

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