Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Family time plus mommy fails.

I can not wait wait till thursday night, the family will be here!
They are driving from chicago and its going to be a LONG drive! but im so excited, my sister can't stop talking about it, and my son is going to get the much love he needs from grandma and grandpa!
We went to the outlets here in orlando, the week of christmas... bad bad idea.
Its not "cold" but its windy, and i just had my son in a long sleeve Tshirt wrapped inside my moby wrap- mom fail-
Im being crazy becuase i can just see myself with 60 degree weather in michigan just taking him out in a tshirt and thinking "wow is warm today" but in florida suddenly 60 degrees seems too cold to be not wearing a sweater and a hat ( possibly a jacket).
I finally put the last of the decorations up for christmas ( i know late) but i didn't think i had enough white thread to hang these snowflakes and i guess i did :)
All is ready.
Tomorrow and thursday will be major cleaning up days before the parents come for sure.
Also finish hanging pictures and i guess neither the hubby nor I cared to hang until now.
Always happens, we don't get those last things done until major guest come over.

Im starting to realize half of my belongings are made from plastic, and by mine i mean the baby.Whatever is the babies is mine, all his stuff is everywhere, he just is the king of this house.
It seems like i can not get anything done these days, the baby won't nap, he is teething and although hes playing on the floor he'll come up to the kitchen gate and stand up. He is not balanced enough yet, he can't "bounce" back up. He knows it too cause he starts crying like "mom i dont know how to get back down" its cute also annoying when im washing dishes.

Anyways adios

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