Friday, October 1, 2010

Wooden letters!

YAY! I FINALLY received my wooden letters i ordered from . It took them about 3 weeks to deliver them, ( which i was not to happy about) but they are PERFECT. I paid about 3 dollars for each letter but they are BIG and PERFECT. you can pick your own font and you can have them painted or DIY. I'm opting to DIY becuase, although im not the most crafty person in the world, I'm not willing to pay 20.00 a LETTER for something i can try to do :). I took a painting class my senior year in college and i have left over supplies that i'm going to use!  SOOO I HOPEE i can do a good job i'm still debating on the design but im thinking alternating green and chocolate brown letters with white/yellow dots, although i saw some buttons on some designs i saw online, so maybe i'll do that. YAY so excited.

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