Thursday, October 21, 2010

Full time job

Yes. Being a stay at home mom is a FULL TIME JOB. I hate when people are like " oh your at home with the baby" are you kidding me? Have you dealt with a baby before? During my college summer breaks i would nanny for multiple families and once i nannied a 3 month old and it was nice but only cause i could hand the baby over to her mom and go home and do my own thing. But there is no break when your a mom. you have no weekends or breaks its 24/7 all the time. But the rewards are endless. Im so excited and lucky to stay home with my munchkin . I get to wake up to those little faces and hug and cuddle him all day!. Along with the regular things that come with baby ( crying, whinning.. ect.) i wouldn't trade this for the world.
Im also so so so excited to see my friends this weekend that are coming from TN for their college break. yay!

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