Sunday, December 19, 2010

My Roomate Weekend

It was a nice relaxing weekend starting thursday!
One of my old roomate from college was in town for a wedding! I was SOOOOOOOOOOOO happy to see her!
She came around 7 pm to meet the babe and say hi to the hubs! her dad was with her too! We had a good time just talking at home but then it was my FIRST girls night out without the baby since he was born!
Andrew stayed with daddy and i went out with my friend.
It was so weird going out without him. I was kind of at a lost.
We went to dinner and just talked and caught up on each other lives. We are both Speech-Pathology graduates and both are on a halt for graduate school. It was SO nice to spend time. Since we had a "late" outing i didn't get home till 1am. It was nice, but i did miss the boys at home. Girls night out never feels the same when your thinking about how the boys are doing and if daddy can handle any emergencies. I know he can but you know im the fierce momma and all.
We did have an AMAZING dark chocolate cake the size of my head.. not kidding. it was AMAZING.
I missed eating out and having chocolate.
I feel like since the baby is more mobile it seems IMPOSSIBLE to eat out he just wants tobe on the floor crawling.
ON saturday the hubs had to work all day so my OTHER college roomate who lives in the area came to spend the day with me. We went to church and then that evening we ordered take out of thai food. We WERE going to eat out but i just saw it being disastrous with the baby and all, so she agreed to eat at my house. Great friend she is :).
We just stayed in, it was fine cause it was a cold,dark, rainy day in orlando. I made some hot chocolate and we watched 16 and pregnant, while i scared the living daylights out her told her how i handled my labor.
Serious i don't know how those girls do it. Me at 16 i JUST got my first kiss, granted these girls get pregnant with their first 'love" and at their first time, but i just don't know how the heck i could handle a baby. Im 23 and sometimes i just feel like crying and having my mom with me..
ha.okay enough about that.

i seriously could not be more excited. I haven't seen them since august and this will be the last time i see them till next august :(. Stupid distance and jobs.
It will be a fast couple of days but i will treasure them. Everyone who has their family near them feel lucky! ( of course if you think its lucky).

I haven't talked much about my dog rocky on here. he is a little maltipom and hes 3.5 pounds. seriously.. hes just so funny to me sometimes. My husband and him do not get along.. for whatever reason.. sigh.. one day my hubs will like dogs, he go me him for my bday last year, but i think both parties need to be on board if you want to get a dog.
I know the babes knows who "rocky" is since im constantly saying "rocky dont touch the babys toys" hahah. i love myself.

I love my rocky.. we may or may not have to give him away next year :( TEAR TEAR TEAR drops, if anyone has a home for him let me know. I hope not i pray not, but we can't find a place in michigan that accepts dogs. story of my freakin life. Im not going to talk about this before i start crying.

why don't i take the time my son is sleeping to actually sleep.
Adios amigos!

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