Friday, December 17, 2010


Seven is my favorite number. This month my son turned 7 months. Sigh. I know time is going by so fast sometimes i wish for it to stop.

Dear Andrew,

You are 7 months old! You are FULL of energy and life. This past month you started crawling! Its so cute to see you move across the floor exploring everything around you.
You like to do what you please little boy, and you know when your not suppose to be doing certain things ( like taking all the movies out of the shelf).

You are eating solids pretty well.
You are "screaming" and discovering the different sounds that your voice makes.
You aren't making "words" yet but thats okay you are hearing 2 langauges at home so that is kinda confusing, i know blame mommy :)

You love to watch rocky and you think he is sooo funny.
You and daddy love to laugh together and seriously you think daddy is the funniest thing on this earth. Good thing he's a clown too so it all works out.
This month you have developed so much I can't even remember the moment when you were not even able to roll over, seriously seems like yesterday.
Whenever you find something high enough for you to grab and then you stand. I'm scared little boy you just started crawling please don't stand :(.
You are still wobbly when you sit, you need me to be there just in case you topple over.

We still have no teeth :(. Its okay as long as you don't get more fussy than you already are, we are okay.
Your sleeping through the night most of the time, you wake up 2 recently but i think its the teething more than anything else.
You had a sip of juice this month and you LOVED it. We will be giving you more of it mixed with water of course

You look like your daddy more and more each day!
Keep growing strong my little boy we Love you so much

Mom and Dad

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