Monday, November 22, 2010

Can this be true tell me can this be real

Andrew and I have been co-sleeping with our little boy since the day he was born. Basically cause he was the worst sleeper ever, hated to be swaddled and just cried all night. We had no choice but to bring him to our bed in order for us to remain sane. Its been 6 months now and i finally felt it was time to try ferberizing him. Believe me it took all my energy my heart my life to let him cry it out but I did. on accident.
Let me explain
Saturday night we had come back from shopping and it was time for baby drews bed time. We did our regular routine and nursed him, hoping he would fall asleep, no luck, so i got up and rocked him and he was NOT HAVING IT. He squirmed and screamed and just seemed like he didn't want me to hold him. So i was pretty fed up trying to rock a 17 pound baby and just came out the the living room and told my hubby " i cant do this anymore"... We decided to put him in the playpen next to our bed and let him cry. He cried for about 30 minutes ( with my husband checking on him every 5 minutes) and then he stopped.
Could he have fallen asleep without me constantly rocking him?
It was true. he fell asleep.
and stayed asleep till about 4:45 am.
and the i let him cry and he fell back asleep around 6:00 am.
 The next day we tried to let him cry a little to fall asleep for his morning nap. sure enough he fell asleep again.
And last night we let him sleep in his own room in his own crib.
And guess what.
He slept most of the night
with an exception which i don't remember cuase my husband got up to "reassure" him we are still here.
then i woke up 8 am and i couldn't believe that i had actually slept more than 2 hours in a row. increidible
i had my own bed.
But i did miss him
i cried last night when i realized he wasn't with us in the bed.
But i guess its normal since he's been there for 6 months, half a year!
But tonight i hope not to cry. Im sad but also happy and relieved that he can put himself to sleep, I was started to think that it was going to be impossible.
I know the CIO method is controversial but luckily he isn't crying for 2 hours or anything like that. the most has been 35 min.
And i can handle that. Last night my husband put him in his crib and i just went to take a shower to drown out the crying, becuase it still hurts me.
I know there are other  " no cry methods"
But so far this has worked for us.
I hope things stay this way. I really do. But  i know babies change and go through stages but as of now i have gotten my first real night of sleep.
and it feels good. oh so good.

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