Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Catch UP

This Christmas was awesome. It wasn't over the top or anything like that. I was surrounded by the people i love. My Dad, mom, sister, hubs, and chubs. It was wonderful.

Chrsitmas Eve we spent it at Disney world. It was a hectic morning followed by some other problems but we finally got to disney world around 2. As soon as we arrived the Disney day parade had started so we were able to watch it!
We didn't get to ride to many rides and THANK GOD my mom and dad WANTED to stay with the baby while my sister hubs and I went off. We had a good time. But thanks to florida's crazy weather it was QUITE chilly that night. Oh well we made the best of it, but seriously note to self do NOT take a baby to disney world expecially when they are on a sleeping schedule and by 7 they just want to be cranky.

Finally Saturday morning i woke up and made a yummy breakfest and we opened up the baby's gifts. Grandma def brought it this christmas. It was awesome. Followed by church and a tour of my hubs hospital where he works.
My hubs is a hospital chaplain

yes my mom bought me a coach purse, she's been promising one since i graduate high school

It was a riding BULLS EYE... not put together yet but you get the point

Overall it was an awesome christmas and the fun continues until saturday morning when my parents leave and my husband works ALL day. YUP ill be crying.

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