Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Oh christmas tree

This Saturday we decided to FINALLY put up our FIRST real christmas tree. Last year it was just andrew and I and since we weren't going to spend more than 14 days in tennessee we just had a SMALL christmas tree. But this year my parents are coming i HAD to have a nice tree
This is the chubs and I right before we put him to bed, he wasn't going to make it any longer. Poor thing, but at least he was awake while we unpacked the tree :)
The hubs and I taking some silly pictures since we haven't taken any silly pictures at all. Plus he didn't want me posting photos on him on FB so ha, here i am blogging them :) he doesn't know.

So yes this was our saturday night :) it was fun and i love the ornaments on our tree!
Its simple but i love it. I do need to get a tree skirt ASAP because it kinda looks ugly without one!

On another note, My son has the HARDEST time napping. Im so upset, he is SO grumpy and clingy and i just can't handle it! Today i decided to let him cry it out, like we do at night time. At night hes SO MUCH easier.
But last night .. idk what the HECK was going on.
he woke up at 3:30 ... didn't go back to sleep till 4:30
Then my husband woke up for work at 4:30 took him to his crib and he fell back asleep, but then he woke up again and I was so tired i just said "bring him to the bed"
He must have fallen asleep cause i dont' remember a thing.

Is it his teething? idk... I just wish sleep was an easier thing. Kids should really come programed to sleep... its good for everyone ... including me.
I have severe allergies. If the weather changes more than 10 degrees i KNOW i will be sneezy and congested the rest of the night. Not only that but my asthma flares up and UGH.
Of course Orlando wants to be 30 degrees atnight! so IM SICK AS A DOG.
My baby is crying, and i just want to take benadryl and knock out.
Im DREADING the move to MI next year. I hate snow. I've been away from it too long. and its miserable up there becuase of the 'lake effect' snow. its horrible.
today is another long day. with a grumpy baby who i hear crying in the room... i must go!

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