Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It really is the most wonderful time of the year

This past thanksgiving we were able to spend it with friends from college at his parents house. It was a good time with REALLY GOOD FOOD. Since thanksgiving is an aquired traditon in my family i've never had thanksgiving traditions or food like mash potatoes sweet potatoes or pumpkin pie. My husband likes to call me "his little ecuadorian" sometimes when I lack in these traditions. But i love them now and i was so happy to be able to enjoy these traditional foods at our friends house this past weekend.
The hubby played in their annual football game and had a BLAST . I love seeing him so happy playing his flag football and just enjoying his time. I had to be with my baby boy plus im BF and im not going to throw myself to the ground with these ninnies.

Now that the thanksgiving season is over i have TOTAL right to be in christmas mode 24/7. My christmas tree i ordered online came in today. I have no idea what it will look like other than the pictures on line but they can be false.  So im hoping its a nice tree :).

Hubby had to work so tomorrow we will be putting it up :)
i can't wait , seriously christmas is my favorite time ever.

also little andrew is wanting to crawl SO SO SO bad. he manages to throw himself to where he wants to be. but i dont think its safe since he doenst have complete balance and sometimes hits himself on the floor and i can't handle that. Im so a first time mom. for realsies

 Not much to say. just happy to be here with my family and loving the moments with them

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