Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Dear Sleep I miss you

Ahhh good ol' sleep,  how i miss thee. SERIOUSLY PEOPLE i miss sleep. I look back now on those late night college days when i used to stay up with my roomates watching the office or any old show just becuase we could ( ha and studying of course ;) ) although i must admit i've never pulled an all nighter, mostly because i just CAN'T i get sneezy and tired by 3 am and by 4 i feel like my body is dying. So of course i get the baby who is NOT the perfect sleepy newborn that everyone has, or that books tell you that your newborn sleeps about 20 hours a day! REALLY?! i was sooo lied to. I remember going to the ped, and asking him if my son's sleeping habits are normal * falling alseep at 2 am and waking up every 1 hr* he said yup some moms are dealt with the good cards while others are not... basically DEAL WITH IT. Alas I'm still dealing with it, and i can't remember that last time i slept more than 3 hours in a row.. i miss just sleeping and waking up feeling rested. I'm trying a schedule with him now so somewhere between 8:30-9:30 he is asleep and has established a weird habit of waking up 3 times in the hour and by the 3rd time he sleep a good chunk. Why am i not sleeping with him now you ask?? because this is the only time the WHOLE.DAY. i can have for myself. I just want to be online without having him on my lap drooling and trying to grab my glasses off my face. Don't get me wrong i love him SO SO much there are no words to describe my love but mommy needs alone time .... Anyways i'm soooo hesitant about using the "cry it out" method but we will see, maybe next month i'll start it... till then he is in our bed ( don't judge me or give me advice on that please we are fine with it and thats all that matters) and it makes my life easier for nightly feedings, but soon we will be putting him in his own room in his crib, i must admit i miss him already just thinking of him being in another room but at the same time i will enjoy my own bed for the first time in months.
So till then pray for us as we struggle with the "difficult sleeper" type baby and hopefully he can find a way to soothe himself without me having to be RIGHT THERE all the time.

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