Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Catch UP

This Christmas was awesome. It wasn't over the top or anything like that. I was surrounded by the people i love. My Dad, mom, sister, hubs, and chubs. It was wonderful.

Chrsitmas Eve we spent it at Disney world. It was a hectic morning followed by some other problems but we finally got to disney world around 2. As soon as we arrived the Disney day parade had started so we were able to watch it!
We didn't get to ride to many rides and THANK GOD my mom and dad WANTED to stay with the baby while my sister hubs and I went off. We had a good time. But thanks to florida's crazy weather it was QUITE chilly that night. Oh well we made the best of it, but seriously note to self do NOT take a baby to disney world expecially when they are on a sleeping schedule and by 7 they just want to be cranky.

Finally Saturday morning i woke up and made a yummy breakfest and we opened up the baby's gifts. Grandma def brought it this christmas. It was awesome. Followed by church and a tour of my hubs hospital where he works.
My hubs is a hospital chaplain

yes my mom bought me a coach purse, she's been promising one since i graduate high school

It was a riding BULLS EYE... not put together yet but you get the point

Overall it was an awesome christmas and the fun continues until saturday morning when my parents leave and my husband works ALL day. YUP ill be crying.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Last minute

Of course there are like 1087087 things i have to do before christmas and my parents arrival in less than 3 hours!!!
today i already did 3 loads of laundry,cleaned the house, made multiple beds, dealt with mr.fussy. i cant wait for tonight, dinner and just good time with my family!! im so so excited.
I thought i would never "host" a christmas but here i am waiting impatiently patiently for them.

i still have to get dressed.
ugh. the hubs is secretly wrapping something in the room... im assuming its for me:)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

So what Wednesday

So what if i haven't even begun deep cleaning and the parents are coming tomorrow

so what if i still haven't purchased all my christmas gifts.

So what if i try to squeeze my son in 6 months clothes and he kinda looks ridiculous ( grandma is coming)

So what if i've made crappy dinners these past days

So what if let the baby sleep in the bed when he wakes up at 3 am and im too lazy to get back up to put him in his crib

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Family time plus mommy fails.

I can not wait wait till thursday night, the family will be here!
They are driving from chicago and its going to be a LONG drive! but im so excited, my sister can't stop talking about it, and my son is going to get the much love he needs from grandma and grandpa!
We went to the outlets here in orlando, the week of christmas... bad bad idea.
Its not "cold" but its windy, and i just had my son in a long sleeve Tshirt wrapped inside my moby wrap- mom fail-
Im being crazy becuase i can just see myself with 60 degree weather in michigan just taking him out in a tshirt and thinking "wow is warm today" but in florida suddenly 60 degrees seems too cold to be not wearing a sweater and a hat ( possibly a jacket).
I finally put the last of the decorations up for christmas ( i know late) but i didn't think i had enough white thread to hang these snowflakes and i guess i did :)
All is ready.
Tomorrow and thursday will be major cleaning up days before the parents come for sure.
Also finish hanging pictures and i guess neither the hubby nor I cared to hang until now.
Always happens, we don't get those last things done until major guest come over.

Im starting to realize half of my belongings are made from plastic, and by mine i mean the baby.Whatever is the babies is mine, all his stuff is everywhere, he just is the king of this house.
It seems like i can not get anything done these days, the baby won't nap, he is teething and although hes playing on the floor he'll come up to the kitchen gate and stand up. He is not balanced enough yet, he can't "bounce" back up. He knows it too cause he starts crying like "mom i dont know how to get back down" its cute also annoying when im washing dishes.

Anyways adios

Sunday, December 19, 2010

My Roomate Weekend

It was a nice relaxing weekend starting thursday!
One of my old roomate from college was in town for a wedding! I was SOOOOOOOOOOOO happy to see her!
She came around 7 pm to meet the babe and say hi to the hubs! her dad was with her too! We had a good time just talking at home but then it was my FIRST girls night out without the baby since he was born!
Andrew stayed with daddy and i went out with my friend.
It was so weird going out without him. I was kind of at a lost.
We went to dinner and just talked and caught up on each other lives. We are both Speech-Pathology graduates and both are on a halt for graduate school. It was SO nice to spend time. Since we had a "late" outing i didn't get home till 1am. It was nice, but i did miss the boys at home. Girls night out never feels the same when your thinking about how the boys are doing and if daddy can handle any emergencies. I know he can but you know im the fierce momma and all.
We did have an AMAZING dark chocolate cake the size of my head.. not kidding. it was AMAZING.
I missed eating out and having chocolate.
I feel like since the baby is more mobile it seems IMPOSSIBLE to eat out he just wants tobe on the floor crawling.
ON saturday the hubs had to work all day so my OTHER college roomate who lives in the area came to spend the day with me. We went to church and then that evening we ordered take out of thai food. We WERE going to eat out but i just saw it being disastrous with the baby and all, so she agreed to eat at my house. Great friend she is :).
We just stayed in, it was fine cause it was a cold,dark, rainy day in orlando. I made some hot chocolate and we watched 16 and pregnant, while i scared the living daylights out her told her how i handled my labor.
Serious i don't know how those girls do it. Me at 16 i JUST got my first kiss, granted these girls get pregnant with their first 'love" and at their first time, but i just don't know how the heck i could handle a baby. Im 23 and sometimes i just feel like crying and having my mom with me..
ha.okay enough about that.

i seriously could not be more excited. I haven't seen them since august and this will be the last time i see them till next august :(. Stupid distance and jobs.
It will be a fast couple of days but i will treasure them. Everyone who has their family near them feel lucky! ( of course if you think its lucky).

I haven't talked much about my dog rocky on here. he is a little maltipom and hes 3.5 pounds. seriously.. hes just so funny to me sometimes. My husband and him do not get along.. for whatever reason.. sigh.. one day my hubs will like dogs, he go me him for my bday last year, but i think both parties need to be on board if you want to get a dog.
I know the babes knows who "rocky" is since im constantly saying "rocky dont touch the babys toys" hahah. i love myself.

I love my rocky.. we may or may not have to give him away next year :( TEAR TEAR TEAR drops, if anyone has a home for him let me know. I hope not i pray not, but we can't find a place in michigan that accepts dogs. story of my freakin life. Im not going to talk about this before i start crying.

why don't i take the time my son is sleeping to actually sleep.
Adios amigos!

Friday, December 17, 2010


Seven is my favorite number. This month my son turned 7 months. Sigh. I know time is going by so fast sometimes i wish for it to stop.

Dear Andrew,

You are 7 months old! You are FULL of energy and life. This past month you started crawling! Its so cute to see you move across the floor exploring everything around you.
You like to do what you please little boy, and you know when your not suppose to be doing certain things ( like taking all the movies out of the shelf).

You are eating solids pretty well.
You are "screaming" and discovering the different sounds that your voice makes.
You aren't making "words" yet but thats okay you are hearing 2 langauges at home so that is kinda confusing, i know blame mommy :)

You love to watch rocky and you think he is sooo funny.
You and daddy love to laugh together and seriously you think daddy is the funniest thing on this earth. Good thing he's a clown too so it all works out.
This month you have developed so much I can't even remember the moment when you were not even able to roll over, seriously seems like yesterday.
Whenever you find something high enough for you to grab and then you stand. I'm scared little boy you just started crawling please don't stand :(.
You are still wobbly when you sit, you need me to be there just in case you topple over.

We still have no teeth :(. Its okay as long as you don't get more fussy than you already are, we are okay.
Your sleeping through the night most of the time, you wake up 2 recently but i think its the teething more than anything else.
You had a sip of juice this month and you LOVED it. We will be giving you more of it mixed with water of course

You look like your daddy more and more each day!
Keep growing strong my little boy we Love you so much

Mom and Dad

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I don't know

The babe is sleeping, the hubs is at work, here is a few moments that I can just think and be me.
So this might just be me dumping whatever is on my mind.
I have the worst nights sleeping when the hubs has to work over night, ugh... and i want to grab the baby and sleep with him in bed, but due to his new mobility and my heavy sleep its not safe for him.. he may or may not have fallen already :S ( I feel like the worse mom admitting this)

Hopefully I'm not the only one.. not that i wish people children to fall, just that i hope everyone is human enough.

yum Panera. I just saw a commercial and i want some soup in a bread bowl.

Oh the days of college and "studying" at panera.
Speaking of which, I miss it... college that is.
I graduated in 2009 so i should be over it right>
I have a husband and a baby.
But seriously motherhood is a totally different learning thing. I just wish i knew/had more friends that were my age that had children. Perhaps thats why i turned into this blog world because i found women in their 20's that have babies. I feel like i can totally relate to their post as well as the more expereinced mothers. I love listening to your advise about children and by the time you have your 3rd the "little things" are not so serious like me a first time mom.
I've learned to be less up tight on things and accepted that i can't keep surfaces clean all the time and that YES my child WILL BE SICK one day.
Thank you !

I married my one and only Boyfriend.
Yes i had other "Friends" that didn't amount to nothing in the end.. and im so lucky that i was able to realize that in time in order to find my true love.
Some people think there is no way you can just find one person and know its the "one".
i did.
And im thankful for Andrew.
( my hubs and chubs share the name :) )
Im glad im going through this crazy thing called life with him. He makes things better with his laugh and constant support
Tonight the babes was crying and he had just left for work. I missed him telling me its okay. He is my rock i lean on when i just feel like im doing something wrong when it comes to parenting.
We are both learning, and i think even if i read all the possible books on parenting i still have to figure out things according to the child you get. each child is so different.
Alas i must go to bed! * yawn* night

Baby its cold outside

Orlando may or may not shut down. Its 30 degrees right now but with a massive wind it feels like 27. Summer time in chicago, artic cold winter in orlando.
I don't know how much massive weather changes my body can handle. Im currently puffing my albuterol every 2 hours rather the once a night i was doing before. You see we just came from Miami last weekend where it was 80 degrees during the day and 50 at night. So sunday as we were coming back from miami my hubby was blasting the AC in the car and then at night we were balsting the heater in the house.
My allergies were up at 100% and my asthma joined them. I hate this weather! Last night i think i cried begging God when will i be able to be happy without allerigies in my life. People often look at me and say  "whats making you sneeze" and i say " the cold" they laugh, but im dead serious, im allergic to the "cold" the crazy weather changes. It can't be 80 degrees one day then 37 at night. IT JUST CAN'T my body goes into shock. Im breastfeeding so i can't take anything "strong" so i've been taking benadryl and decongestants but im trying to NOT take the benadryl too much because im totally lost and drugged.
Sunday night i took one and i had no idea the baby was crying my husband had to bring him to the bed to nurse him and he ended up sleeping there the whole night.
Anyways. Miami was fun this weekend. My hubbys grandparents live there and they had never seen the baby. They loved him, the baby- not so much. Im sure its scary to have people in your face touching you and smiling at you and you have no freaking idea who they are.
We didn't get to do anything 'fun' while we were down there. sadness. But it won't be the last time this year we go down.
We also went to my hubbys "home" church, you know the place where everyone knows you and has known you since you were like 13. It was my first time there so i was nervous to meet everyone who knows my husband. It was nice everyone loved and hugged us and they were just so shocked to see andrew with a wife and a baby- ha is that a good thing or bad?
Its just shocking cause my hubs is a big joker. He loves to be joking around and laughing with everyone. Seriously. Maybe a little pet peeve of mine expeicially when i want to be serious and he just wants to laugh it off. Not me. Its okay we balance each other out. im the "serious" one and he is the "fun" one. Totally okay with me, I'm glad he is the way he is.

We officially have a crawler at home. It was so funny drew got home friday and the baby was crawling. Its just so weird to see this little thing crawling on the floor. Also the baby proofing began. One thing he wants is SHOES! he crawls so fast to get any show he can ( gross) and like any baby he wants the mot dangerous nasty things. whyy!! also he tried to pull him self up on anything he can, his car seat, his bouncer, a random box we have on the floor. The problem is he props himself up on ---- i just ran over to remove a piece of wood out of his hand that he was about to put in his mouth---
This is not fun, im currently typing without looking in order to keep an eye on him ( thank you mavis becon)
okay peace out peeps i gotta catch my son before he runs away into more trouble!

( please pray for my new crawling baby)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Im just tired.

So the last 3 weeks we have been doing wonderful with the "sleeping". We decided to do the CIO method and it worked for us.
Except last night.
He went down like usual around 8 pm. Andrew is the one who usually puts him down and somehow he NEVER cried with him more than like 2 min and then he is out. With me, its another story, id say he cries for a good 10 min and then he is out.
ANyways at least it is not 30 or 40 min like it was the first night.
But last night something was up!
He went to bed at 8, then andrew and I we relax watch our shows and just hang out.
we probably went to bed around 12- 12:30 and at 1:30 i hear screaming crying. So i waited about 15 min before i went in, and most of the time he'll put himself back down, but not this time and i felt bad for our neighbors to be hearing this so i got up and brought him back into the room and fed him. THen i put him back to his bed and waited until he fell asleep completely. At 2:40 he finally was back asleep.
Thats fine right?
THEN he woke up at 5:30.. and the cycle began again.
I m just WORN OUT.
Its like newborn days all over again ( a little bit better than newborn days seeing as i never slept back then)
But now that i've been able to sleep 7-8 hours striaght waking up at those ungodly times just seems plain old WRONG!
at 5:30 after i fed him i told my husband TAKE HIM TO HIS ROOM. He does much much better with him.
I love my baby boy but i need my sleep, im a grumpy, allergy , sneezy gal when i don't get enough sleep.
Poor thing though i think its his teething> or maybe it was too cold or hot? Idk its about 35 degrees at night here in orlando for some strange reason, but then this weekend its back up to the 70's WHAT> THE> HECK>.
Anyways lets see what happens this weekend. We are going to Miami to visit Andrews family so that his grandma can meet the baby FINALLY. We've been here since aug but didnt have the time to go down. Im excited.
Also we are going to his home church were everyone loves him and they have seen pictures of me and our wedding but have not met me PERSONALLY. So they are waiting to meet me
Scared much. No. Yes. I hate being the "new person" its okay i've made andrew come visit both my churches i attend in chicago, all my friends, family. its only fair.

Back to my 37048370 load of laundry, get the house clean, pack bags, and such for the trip tomorrow.
did i mention my son hates napping thus i have a cranky baby all day.
I might just nap with him today when he does.

i leave you with a video of him wanting to crawl. he is getting into everything. im scared.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Oh christmas tree

This Saturday we decided to FINALLY put up our FIRST real christmas tree. Last year it was just andrew and I and since we weren't going to spend more than 14 days in tennessee we just had a SMALL christmas tree. But this year my parents are coming i HAD to have a nice tree
This is the chubs and I right before we put him to bed, he wasn't going to make it any longer. Poor thing, but at least he was awake while we unpacked the tree :)
The hubs and I taking some silly pictures since we haven't taken any silly pictures at all. Plus he didn't want me posting photos on him on FB so ha, here i am blogging them :) he doesn't know.

So yes this was our saturday night :) it was fun and i love the ornaments on our tree!
Its simple but i love it. I do need to get a tree skirt ASAP because it kinda looks ugly without one!

On another note, My son has the HARDEST time napping. Im so upset, he is SO grumpy and clingy and i just can't handle it! Today i decided to let him cry it out, like we do at night time. At night hes SO MUCH easier.
But last night .. idk what the HECK was going on.
he woke up at 3:30 ... didn't go back to sleep till 4:30
Then my husband woke up for work at 4:30 took him to his crib and he fell back asleep, but then he woke up again and I was so tired i just said "bring him to the bed"
He must have fallen asleep cause i dont' remember a thing.

Is it his teething? idk... I just wish sleep was an easier thing. Kids should really come programed to sleep... its good for everyone ... including me.
I have severe allergies. If the weather changes more than 10 degrees i KNOW i will be sneezy and congested the rest of the night. Not only that but my asthma flares up and UGH.
Of course Orlando wants to be 30 degrees atnight! so IM SICK AS A DOG.
My baby is crying, and i just want to take benadryl and knock out.
Im DREADING the move to MI next year. I hate snow. I've been away from it too long. and its miserable up there becuase of the 'lake effect' snow. its horrible.
today is another long day. with a grumpy baby who i hear crying in the room... i must go!

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Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Pictures and jibberish

We took Christmas pictures this evening at Jc Penny- cliche maybe. cute. i think so
Since i have no friends in orlando that do photography we decided to go to JC penny.
We weren't thrilled with the girl we got, but she got some nice shots of us.
I want to make it a thing about taking family pictures every year. I went all out and got lots of different 'sheets' my husband that I was overdoing it, and i probably was, but i just wanted one of each.
Im feeling homesick. Its the holidays maybe? I don't know what it is
My parents are coming to spend the holidays with me, its just i wish
i could spend it with EVERYONE. I miss my grandparents and aunts and uncles.
I just miss chicago.
I miss my family missing this important year of his life. I just hate hate that im litterally like 1100 miles away from them.
I have been enjoying the warm temps down here, but i miss my family terribly.
It sucks not having ANYONE down here. I wish i could go on a date with my husband alone, i don't have anyone down here to sit for us, well at least anyone i trust.
I guess its the life i chose marring a man in ministry. The traveling and the uncertainty of it all.
Its ok its God's will and i have promised to follow where he takes us.
Plus i get to enjoy every minute with my 2 boys.

What is it about nutella?
I've been eating it since i was 7 it seems like, although some of my new friends are JUST learning about it. I know its a european thing, but living in canada i guess i got lucky and was able to experience it before the americans did ;)
I've been eating it with a banana for the last 3 days. SO GOOD.
also chocolate pudding.
anything chocolate really.... must my time for me to get my beloved monthly friend... i still haven't goten it THANK GOODNESS.. im just waiting

adios till now, i hope to get "proofs" of the cliche christmas photos i took, nothing like clicheness for me :)

My teething toothless wonder

The picture above is a picture of my cute toothless wonder. Thats what his dady loves to call him.
Poor thing is teething BAD. He was starting to sleep through the night but now wakes up around 11 crying like crazy.
I blame it on the teething.
seriously poor things have to deal with this. I feel so so bad. Sigh.
I see why women cut their hair short when they have kids. Im tired of it being pulled and HELD ON TO FOR DEAR LIFE. I hurts little andrew don't ya know?
This weekend looks fun for us. We are planning on going to sea world on sunday and taking family pictures either today or saturday.
I m getting these horrible styes in my eyes. Its really annoying. My immune system is so low and everytime i get allergies im bound to get one. its kind of annoying like a lot.
We'll see how i feel.

this is my favortie he looks like he wants to shoot me. haha.
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