Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Baby its cold outside

Orlando may or may not shut down. Its 30 degrees right now but with a massive wind it feels like 27. Summer time in chicago, artic cold winter in orlando.
I don't know how much massive weather changes my body can handle. Im currently puffing my albuterol every 2 hours rather the once a night i was doing before. You see we just came from Miami last weekend where it was 80 degrees during the day and 50 at night. So sunday as we were coming back from miami my hubby was blasting the AC in the car and then at night we were balsting the heater in the house.
My allergies were up at 100% and my asthma joined them. I hate this weather! Last night i think i cried begging God when will i be able to be happy without allerigies in my life. People often look at me and say  "whats making you sneeze" and i say " the cold" they laugh, but im dead serious, im allergic to the "cold" the crazy weather changes. It can't be 80 degrees one day then 37 at night. IT JUST CAN'T my body goes into shock. Im breastfeeding so i can't take anything "strong" so i've been taking benadryl and decongestants but im trying to NOT take the benadryl too much because im totally lost and drugged.
Sunday night i took one and i had no idea the baby was crying my husband had to bring him to the bed to nurse him and he ended up sleeping there the whole night.
Anyways. Miami was fun this weekend. My hubbys grandparents live there and they had never seen the baby. They loved him, the baby- not so much. Im sure its scary to have people in your face touching you and smiling at you and you have no freaking idea who they are.
We didn't get to do anything 'fun' while we were down there. sadness. But it won't be the last time this year we go down.
We also went to my hubbys "home" church, you know the place where everyone knows you and has known you since you were like 13. It was my first time there so i was nervous to meet everyone who knows my husband. It was nice everyone loved and hugged us and they were just so shocked to see andrew with a wife and a baby- ha is that a good thing or bad?
Its just shocking cause my hubs is a big joker. He loves to be joking around and laughing with everyone. Seriously. Maybe a little pet peeve of mine expeicially when i want to be serious and he just wants to laugh it off. Not me. Its okay we balance each other out. im the "serious" one and he is the "fun" one. Totally okay with me, I'm glad he is the way he is.

We officially have a crawler at home. It was so funny drew got home friday and the baby was crawling. Its just so weird to see this little thing crawling on the floor. Also the baby proofing began. One thing he wants is SHOES! he crawls so fast to get any show he can ( gross) and like any baby he wants the mot dangerous nasty things. whyy!! also he tried to pull him self up on anything he can, his car seat, his bouncer, a random box we have on the floor. The problem is he props himself up on ---- i just ran over to remove a piece of wood out of his hand that he was about to put in his mouth---
This is not fun, im currently typing without looking in order to keep an eye on him ( thank you mavis becon)
okay peace out peeps i gotta catch my son before he runs away into more trouble!

( please pray for my new crawling baby)

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  1. The fun begins! I love cute crawling babies :)
    My lil' girly had a piece of cat food clutched between her fingers- which were going directly up to her mouth!! haha The joys.