Thursday, July 21, 2011

Love story part 2

After we had each others number we began to talk and hang out more.
I would text him and say hi, and we would see each other on campus and begin to talk more.
We went to a bible study meeting and more and more we got to know each other.
We spent multiple times hanging out underneath trees and just talking about life. I was slowly falling for him but I was scared.
I had never had a boyfriend before, and my parents had never allowed it while in highschool. I knew I was in college but the thought of telling my parents I had a boyfriend scared me beyond compare.
I didn't know what to do I wanted to be with him but I was also hurt by another person.
We were hanging out pretty frequently always with friends never alone, which was good for me but clearly andrew wanted at least a few dates alone.
That day we were talking on messenger and he said he wanted to talk to me about something.
I freaked out, i knew he was going to tell me he liked me and i didn't want to do it in person.
I wasn't sure what to say, because yes i liked him but I did not want to start dating.
So I forced him to tell me through messenger, he was not happy he wanted to talk in person, but eventually he  told me and I said I dont know how i feel blah blah, I just made him promise me that this would not make our friendship weird or anything like that.
We hung out and everything was normal.
The school year was coming to an end and we said our goodbyes.....

Monday, July 18, 2011

The Story of Us part 1

This weekend we went to a wedding of goof friends of ours.
Clearly this is the second wedding I went to since my own.
Holy cow they are so emotional. I have known my friend since high school and I've been around through a few of her relationships. So to see how she was marrying the love of her life made me so happy, and sappy of course.
My husband was on the grooms side wedding party and when the pastor was saying his little talk on certain lovey things my husband would look at me and wink, and I realized how lucky I was to have him!
Andrew and I met my freshman year in college. He said that he had met me at the beginning of the year, in an elevator and I told him my name was Karla. It is Karla but thats my "middle" name. I guess I must have not been interested in him at that time since I gave him a name he could not look me up in school. So unlike me really. In fact I had never had a boyfriend at that point.
Fast forward to January and Andrew and I are in a class together-Music in the christian church. Clearly an elective course for me, possibly a required course for him, since he was a theology major.
We got to a tricky part in which you kinda had to know music, and since i've taken piano lessons and the flute for 6+ years I should know something about music right?
I did, and everyone was asking my questions to figure some scoring thing, and that's when Andrew was introduced to me.
We had a common friend and she told me that her friend Andrew wanted to know if I'd tutor him on this subject that we were doing in class. I agreed and the next day we were officially introduced. He was funny off the bat. We walked together that day, and then the next class period my friend told me he dropped the class.
Oh well I thought. I finished the class and gained a whole new love for hymns.
Around March I was walking into the girls dorm lobby with another friend and I hear a "hey gaby" I turn around and it was Andrew studying hebrew with his theology friends!
(Prior to this I had found him on myspace * way back i know* and then I guess he had deleted his page.)
I asked him what happened to his myspace and he said he deleted it but there was other ways to communicate and he flashed his phone in the air.
I was carrying clothes for my friends so I kinda yelled my number across the lobby and told him to call me so I can save it on my phone.
I ran up to my room and waited for his call. Meanwhile I was looking for my Anatomy and Physiology Lab homework that was due the next day, and I could NOT FIND IT. I was FREAKING OUT!!.
Then of course andrew called.
I must have been a total nut case saying who knows what about losing my homework and he just calmly asked if he could pray for me.
I was kinda stunned.
We were going to a Christian university and he was studying to be a pastor, but still it was new to me.
So he prayed, we said goodbye and then I of course found my homework.
We then began to talk more..............

Friday, July 8, 2011

The road trip from know

Most parents know traveling with a child over 6 months for a long distance of time is probably hellish.
Well it was for us at least!
Last summer around this time we traveled with a 2 1/2 month old from Chicago to Tennessee then to Tennessee to get to our final destination- Orlando.
I thought it was going to be HORRIBLE. He was a very alert baby who did not sleep during the day like most do.
But luckily it wasn't too bad. Obviously the trip was longer due to many nursing sessions, but not bad.
Fast forward 10 months and we are doing the same trip only backwards.
It was hell.
I wanted to travel at night because I know that he would at least sleep most hours, but the hubs, the one driving, hates night driving, and...well... i rather endure the crying then have my husband crash.
We left at 10 right at his nap time.
30 min on the road the crying began.
1 hour... 2. hours... you get it
We somehow were able to ignore it. I sat in the back of course trying to do EVERYTHING possible to soothe him.
A nurse friend told me maybe he has motion sickness, which I do, so i bought those " sea bands" they are like pressure bands with small little balls that apply to a pressure point on his wrist.
it didn't work, and I didn't feel like medicating my child.
needless to say it was hell.
Sometimes music worked or snacks, but for the most part it was crazy.
We did travel late on the way from TN to Chicago and that was the best stretch cause he slept from 8 till 12 when we got into Chicago.
I was never more happy to see my city and the skyway toll booth.
Luckily our finally moving location is only 100 miles away in Michigan so it will not be bad compared to our 1000++ miles trip!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Costco Loves Vegetarians clearly

They just build a new costco about 1 minute from my parents house * im here for 4 more weeks with them* and pretty much its amazing.
My husband and I are pretty faithful Sam Club members and we didn't really think of costco cause there was not one near us. Being Vegetarian we often want to buy bulk of veggie meats, or patties, instead of buying 4 patties for like 4 bucks. Sadly sams only has boca burgers which I HATE. I am so open to all different brands and flavors of veggie meats, but boca, barf.
Anyways, when i went to costco and saw the HUGE selection of veggie meats, mostly morning star, i almost fainted.
A HUGE PACK of my favorite breakfast "sausage" patties was there and I literally was giddy with excitement.
Along with many meatless other options, my husband and I will have to look into a costco membership.  

Sounds so silly to be excited about those things but when you're constantly trying to find yummy meat alternatives when you find them in bulk? Its like Christmas in july.
Happy Wednesday friends!

ps. pray for my parents yorkie he is NOT doing well. 

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Life so far..

Being home in chicago has been good so far.
At first my family seemed to be weary of me letting my son CIO before nap time. Its their custom to run to the child beckon and call, well i refuse to do that or else I would not be able to do anything.
But they are good at letting me make my OWN decisions on how to raise my child, and they are pretty impressed that the baby sleeps from 7-7.
My mom has some how taken charge of getting him in the morning, changing his diaper then bringing him down for me before she goes to work, which at first I was upset cause she would run to pick him up as soon as he woke up , but now? heck thats one less diaper I have to change.
Plus I know she wants some alone time with the baby since she feels like she missed out the first 1 year of his life.
Rocky loves it here, my dad loves him and he loves to be around him. He probably never wants to leave.
My mom,sister, and I go out everyday, if it is just to go to target or walk around. This is huge considering I don't drive and had to always wait for the hubs to come home.
* yes I do  not drive shocking I know*
My sister and I stay up way to late but the difference is she gets to wake up at 11 while i have to be up at 7,
I never learn.

Friday, July 1, 2011

a little reunion

While on our way to chicago we made a little pit stop to TN where the hubs and I met and went to college.
One of my dear friends is currently living there and we met up along with another friend!
They made a wonderful meal and a photo shoot of the baby and I.