Thursday, October 14, 2010

A rant of sorts, plus christmas

So when i was pregnant my hair was sooo long and shiny and i was soo excited about it! i had been warned about the dreaded post hair loss but my baby was 2 1/2 months and NOTHING!! i thought i had escaped it! HA! was i wrong. my friends mom told me it stated for her when her babies were 3 months and as you know it mine started then as well. Im so so so tired of seeing hair everywhereeee. It falls out so much im scared to brush my hair anymore.
Halloween is coming up and its going to be annoying this year. I really don't want kids ringing the doorbell at 8 pm when im trying to put the baby to sleep.... also i hate this time because i HATE HATE scary movies, i can't stand them because even though im 23 years i hate the dark and even though its not true i can't help but to be freaked out for the next 10374083 years. gah. i hate it but till this day i hate chuckie and i hate freddie and all of those scary guys.

This Christmas is not going to be as fun as all my other ones. We can't go to chicago becuase my hubby doesn't have enough time off :(. My  Dad, mom, and sister have promised to come to orlando for christmas and i HOPE that they follow through. Its my sweet boy's first christmas and I want to make it as special as I can! Since we are in orlando maybe we will spend christmas eve day at disney world! that will be different but also fun!
Since my family is from ecuador we have never celebrated "Christmas" on the 25th morning per say, we have a BIG party the 24th and open presents at 12 am midnight and stay up singing and just talking till 3 am. Then the 25th everyone comes over to eat left overs and we watch a movie. Since my hubby is a traditional american i want to incorporate BOTH traditions. I've always enjoyed watching families on TV get up on the 25th and open presents in the morning and the kids get to play with their new toys all day, so I want to do both. I want to celebrate big on the 24th AND have a fun breakfest and presents with them on the 25th. Traditions that i want to keep going. I hope that we will always be close to my family so i can enjoy my mom and her big parties for as long as i can. My mom makes everything so special , i love it. She has made everything i have accomplished into a "big deal" and i love it, it makes me feel sooo special and worth it. I hope to do the same for my son. I wanna be THAT mom, i want him to know that if he does things correctly he deserves to be praised for it.
I love love Christmas! and this year since my parents are coming to my house i get to decorate even MORE. Last year it was just andrew and I and we spent most of the hoilday season in chicago that i didn't go all out like i wanted to! BUT this year i hope my hubby is prepared because i really want to make it special for us.
I keep forgetting about myself in a way, everything i think about is "my son this and that" i forget to remember to pamper myself and think of what i would like for christmas. I'm not sure what i want, i just want everyone i love close to me, and like the cliche christmas song ( that i love), all i want for christmas is you, and by you i mean my family.
I still miss sleeping.
I still miss going out late at night with the hubby to walmart
I miss "our" time
but nothing compares to the smiles and giggles we get from our baby boy in the morning. gosh he is just so precious.

But since it is thursday i want to say I'm thankful for the following things:
- waking up to sunshine every.single. day. those are the joys of living in florida
- waking up to the boys that love me back
-having a hard working hubby
-having some alone time at night when i put the baby down, even though it means i sacrafice sleep just to be up till 12 am with my hubby
-having a comfy home
-that i was able to make a successful "mac grill" type bread
- Talking to my husband about feelings

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