More About Me

 here are some random fun facts about me.

-I'm 23 yes I am young, and I hate when people look at me and I know they are thinking "awww this poor teen mom, hate"
- I have a college degree in Speech-Language Pathology, and I am so hoping to start on my masters.
- I hate cats, its mostly cause im DEATHLY allergic to them. People who live with cats, i will start sneezing, my chest will close and I will need asthma treatments for the next month, so needless to say I stay far far away.
- I am a vegetarian.
- My husband is pastor, currently working as a hospital chaplain
- I LOVE spicy food
- I have never tried alcohol in my life, or drugs or anything of that sort.
- I have one sister who I love
- dogs are my favorite, oddly i am not allergic to them
- I love to read trashy magazines, and watch mindless tv, my husbands thinks im crazy.
- I love nail polishes, love. I always have nailpolish on my nails i can't remember a day i didn't
- Ice cream=love, i don't have it enough :(
- My son is my life.
- I'm bilingual
- Originally from Ecuador
- Lip gloss lover
-I love purses over shoes
- I hate socks and shoes. I love living in places where i can just slip on some flip flops
- on the other hand i like cute socks, for special cold nights, but not to wear out in the day.
- I've been a nanny all my college summers, but having your own is a whole.different. story
- I am a lover of all things yellow, it my favorite color, yet you will not find me wearing it.
- I love owl prints for kids, yet i think owls are super creepy.
- I hate hate hate hate scary movies, scary things, anything "scary".. yes i am 12
- My mom and my dad sacrificed everything for me, and i will do the same for my son.
- I love Jesus, and he has done so many wonderful things in my life.

overall, I'm super laid back girl, i love all types of people, i'm pretty easy to talk to, a homebody, loyal friend