Monday, September 26, 2011

The young mom discrimination

I became a mom at 22.
Thus making me a "young mom". This is a good and a "bad" thing. and when I say "bad" its only because other people judge me by my looks.
Yes I do look young, and perhaps I get mistaken for a 16 (especially when I wear my glasses and a hoodie) and I see the pity in other people's face.
You young moms might know what I am talking about.
That "oh poor girl ruined her life and had a baby"..
Or " she is a baby having a baby"
I hate those looks. I hate being looked and and "discriminated" because I look young.
I felt that way in our sabbath school, where most parents were in their late 30's early 40's and I knew they thought I had no idea how to take care of my child.
Most people think I want to go out every night, and have had people tell me that life changes with a child and I know your "young" and it will be hard.
Seriously? it hurts when people that KNOW ME might mention something like that.

The other day I was walking on campus to meet my husband from class and an older mother, wife of one of the professors here on campus stopped me to tell me about a mommy and me group at the church on tuesdays.
She could have just said that and walk away, instead she made sure to tell me " its not like a free babysitting thing where you can drop your kid off and leave"... I think I was so shocked I wasn't sure what to say.
I am a stay at home mom, I dedicate all my days to my child, and yes some people might think "this girl wasted her 20's by having a child", and that hurts me. It also makes me mad that people judge young moms thinking they know better. I'm pretty sure young or older having a child is a learning experience for  20's,30's or 40's moms. We can learn things from each other, give each other tips on things that work for each other.. ect..
One thing I might look forward to from being a young mom is being 40 and my son in college and finally getting to enjoy some time with my husband. Also empty nest syndrome will hit real hard and I will get 3 dogs  :).
Have you been through " young mom discrimination?"

My birthday weekend

This past weekend I went home to celebrate my birthday with my family. I love being around all these people that I love.
My grandma made my favorite Ecuadorian food, and I think our family would fall apart without her.
She is like my second mom in every sense of the word.
All my aunts and uncles were there and it felt nice to just be there and sit till 2 am talking drinking coffee.
Sometimes I forget the importance of having a support system, and times like this I am thankful for living where I am now, only 2 hours away when I can call and count on my family.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

My growing boy.

Last night I read a horrible story about a 4 month old that feel out of a grocery cart when the bag boy was pushing it over a speed bump and the baby didn't make it.

I felt like I was going to cry. I then remember how I had lost it that day earlier with andrew.
He is in such a fun stage but it also brings its own challenges.
He is completely attached to me, I think thats the main problem with me staying at home with him all the time.
He sees me all the time and I can't move without him being on me.
Then my mom said to me when she was here last weekend, " you will wish he was on you in a few years"
And then it hit me.
All these things keep hitting me like a bucket of cold water.
I need to stop and just try to imagine growing up and learning new things.
Its frustrating.
But he is so cute and he is learning so much.
We have been lucky to go to a moms group at my church on tuesdays and he is having a good time meeting new kids, although he has been pushed down and he has that " what did I do, why did you push me" face, its good for him... now the sickie kids thats a different thing...
I know its probably good for him to build immunity, but in this situation I am the sickie one. I have such a horrible immune system that its ridiculous.
Andrew still isn't saying "words" but he is so expressive and I can see it just about to spill out.
Like his language is bubbling... its boiling... and the blabbering and sounds are crazy, but he can't spill a word out.
I can't blame him. The 2 constant languages this child is hearing, heck it can confuse anyone.
Then I need to always stop comparing him to other kids his age, where parents have a list of 20 words, and mine has 1.
Oh parenting its such a daunting task sometimes.
I am in charge of him, how he behaves. how he is on a regular basis... ahh..
the joys.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Time has come

And that time is football time.
Let me explain somethings to you guys... I grew up in a Hispanic house that had no idea what Football was but Futbol.. get it..
So of course I marry a football fanatic who does TWO fantasy football teams a year.

ANDDD all that plays in my house on sunday is football, and since we have only one tv, well I have gotten used to the fact that this is what is my life for the next 100 years i want to be with my husband :)

Also i love that both my boys watch football together and andrew was actually into it, which mad daddy really happy clearly!
So happy footballing to all the football fans out there, hopefully one day I can get into it more

Friday, September 2, 2011

a late 15 month post. Also kinda back

Dear Andrew
You are 15 months  and a few weeks and you are just a whole different child. You are no longer my little baby, although sometime you definitely need mommy or daddy to love on you, but you are now becoming a little boy.
Your curiosity is beyond you and us for that matter. You want to get into everything that you are not suppose to, and of course with that comes lots of “no’s” and laughter from the things you do.
You are a silly boy. You make this funny angry fake face only to get people to laugh at you.
Pretty sure you are your fathers child. You love to give “Besos” of course only when you’re in the mood for them, but I take as much as I can from you. Sometimes you come and hug me out of nowhere, and I love those moments. I love the moments I can take and cuddle with you even though they only last a few seconds.
You are still sleeping well, usually from 7-7, although sometimes I wish you would wake up at 9… just seeing “9” makes my brain think I “slept” in for once. 
You point to your head, you babble like crazy, although no real words come out. You talk with your hands, point to things, and sign for few things, mostly when your hungry, which seems to be a lot lately.
You aren’t a very pudgy baby, in fact your lean for a 15 month old. You fit most 12 month things still, although some are snug and 18 month shirts are perfect but shorts or pants still a little long.
You love the outdoors. You like being outside and exploring, grabbing sand and sticks. I am letting you go outside as much as you want because we just moved to Michigan so daddy can get his masters and the winters are cold and not enough sun, so get as much sun as you can little baby.
Most of all you make my days happy. No matter how hard some days are, I know your learning, your learning about life and things around you and it can be frustrating, but that little smile you give me, that little smirk when you wanna play? Those? Those makes my days go by faster, and although sometimes I want to freeze time so badly so I can bottle you in this stage forever, I know you must grow, you must keep learning, and you must keep trusting more on your Creator, the way I trust in him to help me guide you in life.
I love you little bunny boy.

ps. sorry I've been MIA, just moved, no internet * currently "borrowing" a random signal* once life gets a little more settled I will be back to regular programming :)