Thursday, November 25, 2010


Thanksgiving has been something "new" in my family. Not my new family but my family. We are from ecuador where there is no thanksgiving, but my aunt said it best this morning on FB, that this is the best holiday here in the US. Now my family enjoys the celebration and loves it.
Unfortunately I won't be able to spend it with them but luckily we have friends here in orlando and they have welcomed us into their homes. This year has been a year of BIG changes and im thankful for all of them.
- Im thankful for my husband and all the hard work he does. He takes care of us and allows me to be a SAHM
- MY sweet little baby boy. Its crazy to think im raising a HUMAN BEING and it shocks me to think he grew inside me and now is a baby. He has brought joy ,tears, happiness that my heart never knew i could possibly experience until he came into my life.
- My wonderful family that has been behind us this year and who loves us so so so much its crazy.
- Friends that are happy for us and love our son.
- For life and waking up to a house and food.
- For every little thing that happens that makes life so interesting.
- For kisses and hugs from the hubs :)
- For Our loving Heavenly Father who blesses us beyond compare and watches over us everyday.

Be thankful today and count every blessing.

- The Dormus Family

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