Friday, December 3, 2010

My teething toothless wonder

The picture above is a picture of my cute toothless wonder. Thats what his dady loves to call him.
Poor thing is teething BAD. He was starting to sleep through the night but now wakes up around 11 crying like crazy.
I blame it on the teething.
seriously poor things have to deal with this. I feel so so bad. Sigh.
I see why women cut their hair short when they have kids. Im tired of it being pulled and HELD ON TO FOR DEAR LIFE. I hurts little andrew don't ya know?
This weekend looks fun for us. We are planning on going to sea world on sunday and taking family pictures either today or saturday.
I m getting these horrible styes in my eyes. Its really annoying. My immune system is so low and everytime i get allergies im bound to get one. its kind of annoying like a lot.
We'll see how i feel.

this is my favortie he looks like he wants to shoot me. haha.
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