Thursday, November 11, 2010

Decorating plus a magical discovery

At last!
I have ordered some slip covers for my couches!
My hubby doesn't know, maybe he'll be surprised!
We got handy me down couches from who knows who and they have probably been around for awhile.
Plus my parents are coming for christmas and i need to make this house look homey
Also i finally ordered a tree decal for the baby's room!
I know he's 6 months old but we just got his crib set up and now finally getting things organized
reason is we were in between moving from tennessee to chicago then to orlando
so clearly there was no "room " for him
now we have been living in orlando for 3 months ( feels like ive been here for 3 years) and its time to get things set up
plus once he turns 6 months im going to TRY to put him in his crib and let him cry it out
if it doesn't work,, then it doesn't work, but im going to try.
My hubby and I need OUR bed back asap.
plus his room is going to look so cute :)
SO normally my little rascal only takes 20 min naps 45 TOPS but today i decided to turn on the bathroom fan thats in our room... and guess what!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he slept for almost 2 hours!
I was shocked. the first nap, i naped with him
then the afternoon nap i let him sleep on his own, he ended up sleeping an hour and 35 minutes which is amazing. I was able to clean his room and make some rosette flowers for a new headband im making i couldn't be happier.
Lets see how this works out....
FInally he's almost 6 months.. were is time going..
now to get family portraits done for christmas cards

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