Saturday, March 23, 2013

almost 3

I felt a need to write this to you Andres.
You're growing so fast.
Your becoming that little boy that you need to become but I miss my baby.
Your a funny kid right now.
You love  yourself some Curious George and Noa the spanish little cartoon that is trying to learn spanish like you :).
You say "Cue-Me" when you fart followed by a laugh.. typical boy like behavior
You say "la-lo" for ice cream in spanish
You are trying new phrases and I can see you struggling to be more fluent to try to express yourself, and that makes my heart so so happy.
You love to still dance to any song you enjoy.
You love reading your sabbath school stories and you surprise me with the way you remember songs. We made it a habit to read you this every night and you don't let us forget.
You like to sing. "Jesus loves the little ones like ME ME ME" and "zacchaeus  was a wee little man"
You love mostly everything you eat. You still like your frozen blueberries like no other kid I know.
You recognize your letters.
You give me spontaneous kisses and hugs. Those make my day-life
Can I keep you in this stage forever?
You know your time out spot and you know its not fun but you do it.
Mostly you love us and we love you so much.
You're sweet and kind.
You're sensitive and you hate when children reject you.
You love to hug your friends and wrestle with the boys.
Elian,Nolan, and Joshua are your buddies.

I'm thankful for my almost 3 year old :)