Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I don't know

The babe is sleeping, the hubs is at work, here is a few moments that I can just think and be me.
So this might just be me dumping whatever is on my mind.
I have the worst nights sleeping when the hubs has to work over night, ugh... and i want to grab the baby and sleep with him in bed, but due to his new mobility and my heavy sleep its not safe for him.. he may or may not have fallen already :S ( I feel like the worse mom admitting this)

Hopefully I'm not the only one.. not that i wish people children to fall, just that i hope everyone is human enough.

yum Panera. I just saw a commercial and i want some soup in a bread bowl.

Oh the days of college and "studying" at panera.
Speaking of which, I miss it... college that is.
I graduated in 2009 so i should be over it right>
I have a husband and a baby.
But seriously motherhood is a totally different learning thing. I just wish i knew/had more friends that were my age that had children. Perhaps thats why i turned into this blog world because i found women in their 20's that have babies. I feel like i can totally relate to their post as well as the more expereinced mothers. I love listening to your advise about children and by the time you have your 3rd the "little things" are not so serious like me a first time mom.
I've learned to be less up tight on things and accepted that i can't keep surfaces clean all the time and that YES my child WILL BE SICK one day.
Thank you !

I married my one and only Boyfriend.
Yes i had other "Friends" that didn't amount to nothing in the end.. and im so lucky that i was able to realize that in time in order to find my true love.
Some people think there is no way you can just find one person and know its the "one".
i did.
And im thankful for Andrew.
( my hubs and chubs share the name :) )
Im glad im going through this crazy thing called life with him. He makes things better with his laugh and constant support
Tonight the babes was crying and he had just left for work. I missed him telling me its okay. He is my rock i lean on when i just feel like im doing something wrong when it comes to parenting.
We are both learning, and i think even if i read all the possible books on parenting i still have to figure out things according to the child you get. each child is so different.
Alas i must go to bed! * yawn* night

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  1. about the falling thing... (that may or may not have happend to my girl!?)