Monday, November 1, 2010

Weekend with my boys

This weekend was laid back. My hubby worked all day saturday and i was pretty bummed, but at least we spent saturday night watching a movie ( just the two of us) which i can't even remember the last time that happened and eating subway :)
We were suppose to go to the zoo on sunday buttt i wasn't feeling all that well.
I was able to sell my extra moby wrap for full price on craigslist, not intentionally there was a poor mom who was in DESPERATE need of her moby wrap because the airline lost hers and she was visiting disney for the week, she wanted to pay me full price so i didn't
I was able to buy a rocking chair i needed badly through another craigslist person.. so all in all win win :).
I love craigslist, i've gotten nanny jobs for most my college summer days, and now im buying items i just don't feel like paying full price for.
We decided to go to the mall to see if we could find sales, and we did!
i got Andrew David a GAP shirt and the cutesttttt yellow rain coat for 14 total for both things.
the coat was like 49.00 and the shirt 25.00... i think i got a good deal. :)
THey are sizes 18-24, but i dont really have any big clothes for him so im starting to collect clothes for him.
Also you need to check out Adventures of Us, she is having an awesome giveaway 50$ target gift card great for christmas coming up :).
Anyways, I'm trying to get myself ready for middle of November when andrew turns  6 months and we're going to try to teach him to sleep on his own, trying various methods.. right now he is TOO dependent on my to sleep i every way, i need to sleep one of these days a full night or at least 5 hours straight.. sooo yeahhh... we'll see what happens.
I'm happy about all the christmas decorations in all the stores. i wanna make this one extra special.... and for Christmas i want a 6 hour massage,..HA. i told my hubby and he said... good to know :)
we shall see.

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