Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Too much summer, not enough sleep

let me start off by saying orlando is tooooooo tooooo hot, i mean as much as i love summer i can only handle it for so much. I know i live in orlando and i have no right to complain but its almost October and every day its 90 degrees or higher. Oh well, i guess im just going to have to wait till december for some "fall" type weather. So September has always been an eventfull month for me. My birthday happens this month,but last year a couple day before my birthday we found out i was pregnant ( September 17,2009). Needless to say it was a surprise. I was having an unusual craving for strawberry slushies from sonics and i had no idea why! I mean i like them but not as much to be asking for them EVERYDAY! I got a little suspicious but didn't think to much about it. Earlier that month i had bought a set of pregnancy test because i thought i was pregnant but i knew for a fact i wasn't! So earlier that month the test came out NEGATIVE so i was convinced i wasn't pregnant. Later that day ( thursday) i called my mom and she said maybe i should start thinking about starting a family since i wasn't going to be able to go to grad school right away andddd since it was my dream to stay home with my child until he/she went to kindergarden. I was like MOM YOUR CRAZYY stop talking this nonsense. Then that night ( after andrew went to get me a strawberry slushie) i told him im going to take a pregnancy test the extra one i had in the closet. I was  SO SO SO sure it was going to be negative that i didn't even worry about it. I peed on the stick and proceeded to get up when i saw the 2 lines that indicated "pregnant". I. was. speechless. I was like OH MY GOODNESS ANDREWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. yes, it was a shock at first and it took me by surprise but andrew seemed so happy that it relaxed me. The next day we went to the doctor to confirm it , and indeed i was having a baby :). I remember on my birthday the 21st, during dinner i thought " next year around this time i will have a 4 month old baby in my arms", and yes i did for dinner i had a baby in my arms and I couldn't be happier. He has brought so many joys, he makes us laugh and he is so special.

Now he has NEVER been a good sleeper since he was brought home! But this month we are going to try to teach him to sleep on his own. I hateeeeeee letting him cry it out, but I have to try something and im not going to let him cry more than 10 min at a time. So far its not going well. What have some of you tried out there? He has NEVER liked to be swaddled since we brought him home he would cry until i unswaddled him and i've tried pacifiers but he HATES HATES them, he will spit them out and cry when i put them in his mouth, so none of that willl help. I guess i'll see what happens! pray for me because im not good at letting him cry it out.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The blog world!!

So i had a wonderful relaxing weekend with my boys! it was wonderful. Now im so excited about this blog world and im excited about giveaways that other awesome bloggers do! " naturally caffeinated family" is such a fun blog to read and she is doing an awesome giveaway check it out

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Language Dilemma

So from my first blog you see that i majored in Speech-Language Pathology soooo language is an important thing to me, not only that but i am bilingual myself i speak both Spanish and English fluently. Now here comes everyone's question, " are you going to teach your son Spanish". Lets take it back to before i even had andrew, i planned on ONLY speaking Spanish to him. I knew it was going to be hard because my husband  doesn't speak Spanish (yet) but we can all learn together. Fast forward a bit and now my son is almost 4 months and i find myself in a problemoo. When he was first born it was strange to me to talk to him in a "goo goo ga ga " voice, but it also felt weird to talk to him like i talk to my husband. The next problem is that it did NOT feel natural to speak to him in Spanish. As much as i told myself all he would hear is Spanish i just couldn't do it.  You see although i speak both languages i feel much more comfortable in English and I've never been one of those spanglish speaking girls. I am now finally feeling comfortable speaking in Spanish but i speak to him in english. I'm trying soooo hard to get him to be bilingual but it is much.much.much. harder than i ever imagined ( especially if your the only one speaking in Spanish) but alas i will try my best. Also my mom would kill me if i didn't teach him, her exact words were  " i don't want him coming to me and saying WHAT GRANDMA". So my mission continues...

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My very first blog

My very first blog ever. I never really thought I would start blogging but with so many cute things that my son does, I figured this would be the best way to document it. Plus i always wanted to do a blog so there is a good excuse there ;). First of all for others reading my blog that don't know me, I'm 22 years old ( soon to be 23) and  I am married to a wonderful man and we have a cute, funny, adorable son. We just moved to Orlando where my husband is starting a new job and I get to be a stay at home mom. I feel lucky that I am able to do this because it has always been a dream of mine that when i did have children I would be able to stay home and raise them till they go to kindergarden. Although I do miss school, this is definitely a FULL TIME JOB. I graduated with a B.S. in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology and one day after my son goes to Kindergarden * tear*  I plan on getting my Masters in Speech.  We also have a veryyy small but so funny dog named Rocky ( haha) he is 3/4 maltese 1/4 Pomeranian. Our little boy is 3 1/2 months and so veryy full of energy. We have been thrown into adulthood full speed let me tell you that. Its been exciting so far and just having our baby makes life even more exciting. He's still not sleeping through the night but I hope this will change soon, veryyy soon ;).

 I hope i get to meet other mommies and find all my friends that do have blogs to find me on here :)