Friday, November 30, 2012

Christmas Tree

Its been kinda warming up here in southwest michigan, and by "warm up" I mean 48 degrees. So naturally I took andres outside for an hour when it was even colder, cause we all know that he's going to be stuck in side for about 3 months... sigh...
The older he gets, the harder it is for me too look forward to winter in a small town with nothing to do....
We did manage to finally get our christmas tree up before December first :)
The older Andres gets the more exciting it is for him to enjoy Christmas and lights. Also he's kinda been obsessed with a Curious George ornament we got him. Every morning its " joeoorge" so I thought it would be perfect to get him one for christmas.

Sunday, November 11, 2012


I went home this weekend
Its so nice to live near home.
Had an awesome photoshoot that friends took for us. It was so windy but we had a good time doing it and it was much better than in a studio with a stranger who can't understand why a 2 year old can't stay still for pictures...
Andres went to a rainbow birthday party, he had a blast he found the balloons and that pretty much entertained him the whole time.
He's getting so big. This was  5 year olds birthday party and it freaks me out that andres will already be 3 in may, this month he is 2.5.. ay...

some pictures of this weekend.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

fall fun things

Fall is my favorite time of the year. Its my birthday the summer heat is leaving and today was a PERFECT day. high of 65 sunny and perfect. I found a pumpkin patch with a farris wheel and a petting zoo. So we took our little car and headed over, skipped nap time and everything.
We got there and it was so cute and adorable!
Of course Andrew wanted to just swing on the swing, which is not the purpose of paying an entrance fee but we eventually convinced him to go try new things, like the goats and pigs.
There was an inflatable Caterpillar that was probably made for older kids, but Andrew ran inside of it and was so lost having fun but couldn't find his way out, a good boy finally directed him out. It was fun.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

My first Influenster box

Hi Guys,
I promise I will be blogging more because tomorrow ill be finally getting my own computer!!
But today I got my first influenster box! AND it was the beauty box, so naturally I was super excited.

It had plenty of fun goodies. I was so excited to see the "not your mothers kinky moves" Seriously its like they knew that I was looking for something for my sons hair. As you know he has very curly hair and we want it to grow out so the curls can hang and he can have a cute set of hanging curls BUT the growing out process is a mess. I put some on earlier and it was amazing, now i put some on wet hair while he slept and we shall see what tomorrow brings. As you can see i got a candle and eyeshadows. SO MANY FUN THINGS. check out influenster its totally free.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

a review of sorts.." Bringing up Bebe"

I've been trying to read at least a book a week and had completely forgotten to check out " Bringing up Bebe" from the library.
I FINALLY got my hands on it and I have some thoughts on it.

Being that this is my first time being a parent, I felt like I was reading a manual on how bring my child up like a Parisian.
I feel almost stuck in a complicated situation. I was brought up 100% ecuadorian perhaps south american style parenting. So much different than American parenting and almost way different than French Parenting.
Pamela Druckerman writes this book while her and her husband live in Paris and are astonished on how well behaved a small child is at a restaurant while her child same age is running all over the place.
This is way to familiar to me.
Most of any outings with our 2 year old is, "eat fast and hurry" which is never fun when you want to digest your food.
Obviously I am intrigued because the way Pamela is saying  18 mo old French children can stay still at a table for longer than 30 min, eat their vegetables, and entertain themselves well sign me up!

Druckerman talks a lot about how American moms feel major guilt about typical things that French mothers do not consider a big deal.
Take for example nursing.
If you live in America you KNOW this is a HUGE hot topic amongst us moms. HUGE.
For expample the recent TIME magazine article about attachment parenting.
I personally nursed my child 13 months. I wanted to go longer but I was extremely ill and meds that could be dangerous were involved,and well... I stopped. Not without feeling major guilt even though I had been an "over achiever" like my pediatrician called me ( which was totally rude and uncalled for)
I wore my child in a moby practically every outing till he was 9 months.
I was fortuante enough to be a stay at home mom and I still have a hard time leaving my son with strangers, or day cares. I haven't done both yet, and sometimes I wish I would have taken the help when offered.
But thats what Pamela says we American moms are. The more sacrafcing the "better" moms we are. I don't think that at all, but I just felt that this is my child and I need to do what I can for him. But the guilt... oh the "mom guilt"
Meanwhile on the other side of the world, French moms are basically not encouraged to nurse. Druckerman writes that its actually weird to see a mom past 3 months nursing. Most French moms are using formula practically since birth, and that is just so normal. One mom Druckerman writes went to her doctor and she was still nursing at 15 months and her doctor said "what does your husband think?". Apparently its crucial to be sexy and slim right away.
She writes that French moms don't understand why make your life more difficult pumping, cracked nipples, bleeding, when you can just use formula.
Another thing is losing the baby weight.
Commonly in American that's a great excuse to why we still are a little chunky, hello we just had a baby.
In her book she says that most french moms lose the weight in 3 months. In mom circles here in America its probably really rude to ask another mom " what are you doing to lose the baby weight" but not in france.

Sleeping through the night, which is most french families happens the latest at 4 months old is something that I was shocked. This is just normal, and if your child is not " doing his nights" Druckerman says moms usually ask you why? Like your not doing something right.
Mine didn't "do his nights" till he was 12 months old.

Next comes Day care.
This is much different in France than in the U.S. Day cares here have a bad rep for being a place you abandon your child and they are probably left crying and screaming. Which I know isn't true since I worked at a day care myself for a bit, and I was a nanny most of my summers in college.
But in France you are HOPING you get a spot in the free day cares. You need to start applying while your still pregnant. The good thing about these places is that everyone working there has to go though some sort of schooling, its not like you can love children and get a job.
Druckerman talked about how her daughter learned manners and how to be patient and wait.
When I read how "day cares" in France are, I probably wouldn't have such a huge hesitation as I do living in America ( that and the cost of a good day care).

It seems like I have written a bunch of things i disagree with French parenting but I have also learned from it.
I love how its BEYOND important that children say hello, goodbye, thank you, and please. Of course the magic words "please and thank you" are common in american children but saying hello is not.
This is one of the commonalities that Ecuadorian parenting and French Parenting have in common, that was shocking for me in America ( and my parents).
Saying hello to adults is a must. period.
Kids will get punished if they refuse to say hello.
Out of my own personal expereince if i didn't say hello to everyone in the room I would be considered extremely rude and "malcriada" which means in spanish raised bad, and to my amusment the french has a similar saying to kids who do not say hello.
I remember my parents being shocked my grade school friends did not say hello to them when they came over. They eventually told me I had to inform my friends if they come over they have to say hello.
Which was weird for my American raised friends,which I'm sure greetings were taught in their homes but it wasn't of such HIGH importance as it was in my home and apparently, as druckerman writes, in all french homes.

Monday, August 13, 2012

I'm Horrible at this.

I'm a really bad blogger.
I'm going to try to be more intentional about this just more so to document Andrews life.
I don't want to forget the small things, which are so easily forgotten along the way.
Andrew is 2. He is a joy and challenging at times. But the challenges can be easily forgotten when he grabs my face and gives me a big kiss. Man i love this small child. I love everything about how he is. I feel like he is just like me as a child, at least thats what my mom says, in which i say sorry mom. I know his heart is so big, he plays well with other children, he loves to "hug" and sometimes i can be a little to rough. I enjoy our time together, the moments that he knows I am his mom and he has all my attention.
Time is going by so quickly, which means many of my friends are thinking of another child and well... I am just not ready. It scares me to think of having two. But i don't want such a hug age gap between children. I see him alone and i feel sad i want him to have a sibling to know what it feels like to have a brother or sister.
But we will see. Day by day, which is one of my favorite hymns.
Sometimes its hard to remember to live day by day, I want to think of the future, i want to own a house, but all this sacrifice is for a reason.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Andrews 2nd birthday yo gabba gabba!

About a month ago we had Andrew's 2nd birthday at my parents house.
typically in May chicago can be really unpredictable. It can be cold but usually in the 70 and 80's but "lucky" for us it was 98 degrees. Either way we had lots of fun, it was a lot of work, but he will always have a birthday of his favorite characters that year.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


My sweet boy
Today you are two years old.
It might sound so cliché to say “where has the time gone” but for me it seems so true.
These past two years with you have been the most rewarding years of my life. You have taught us so many things that you are not even aware of. You have taught us to be more patient, kind, loving, all the virtues that we should have been working on you continue to teach us.
You are the shining light of our lives. You bring so much joy to us every day. With your sweet smile, your tender heart, your hugs and kisses, like your dad says we need those kisses everyday.
You are such a smart sweet boy. You love to dance and play. You like to draw everywhere and sing whatever little tune is in your head. Sometimes we watch you and we look at each other and say “ we made that” you are so loved little one.
Your adorable curly hair and the way you grab our faces to give us kisses, that enough for us.
You made me a mom and I am so proud to be YOUR mom, likewise for your daddy, He couldn’t be more proud to be your Dad. You are his pride and joy, his “daddy boy”. Your eyes light up when you see him, and you always try to show him your dancing, or all the little “tricks” you do. You look up to him and he in return loves you with all his heart.
And I as you mom, well… you show me your real side. We haven’t been freed from the so called “terrible twos” but it’s hard to be mad at you when you give us a smile or when you say “MAMI” for me to look at you dance.
You love to pray and say “men” when your done. You are just my everything.
I am beyond blessed to have you in my life.
We love you.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

why hello

Its been awhile since my last blog, since my lack of my OWN computer its not so easy for me to get on here to type. My BFF gave me her old cracked iphone and that has been my "computer" during the day.
meanwhile Andrew is getting so big, changing every second, surprising us with good and bad that makes things interesting everyday for us thats for sure.
He's going to be 2 next week. Not sure how in the world that has happened it has and now I will go back and look at his newborn pictures and thing how did time go by so freaking fast.
We are having a yo gabba gabba themed birthday and thanks to a bloggy friend I have some music already ! she saved my life on that aspect.
My mom is helping me since it will take place in chicago so I'm excited also birthday parties are such hard work!

here are a few pics of our boy.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

As of lately

So still no computer, and by the time my husband come back from classes I have no energy to blog!
Anyways andrew is going to be 2 soon, i have no idea how that is possible seriously dont..
Of course along with that age comes plenty of new things like tantrums and such. ah oh well i still love that little boy.
He is constantly jumping and running
anything he is ready to throw or play he will say 'RRRRSEETT GOOOOOOO"
He dances like no other.
Gives us a crazy amount of kisses a day
Is a def daddys boy.
He is my boy though :)
He loves to read
Watch Los Wiggles and Yo gabba gabba.
He is my wonderful baby boy God blessed me with.

Monday, March 12, 2012

First weekend alone

This past weekend I went to a seminary wives retreat.
It was great time of renewal for me, to learn about different things and connect with other women and moms who also have husbands at the seminary.
I loved just chatting with them getting to know each other.
Also this was the FIRST time I have left my baby alone. And you know what? The hubs and him had an AWESOME time. The baby was so well behaved and happy when I came home he loved me but you could tell her was more attached to his daddy.
I had a great time.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Its been awhile

I am a horrible blogger.
I am.
Sometimes i can blog twice a week, then other I don't blog for months. Such as now.
Andrew is growing. becoming a toddler at 100x speed.
He is throwing tantrums, and sweet goodness its driving my husband and I crazy, you know the ones
where he throws himself on the floor and starts screaming because he had enough gold fish and needs to eat some sort of real food, yeah that.
Mom of the year i tell ya.
So as my husband and I pray for some more wisdom and understanding, we are trying our best.
The more I see it the more i understand the mistakes that are made by first time parents.

The other day at breakfest as we prayed andrew said " Jesus"
it was precious and i melted
Anytime i say say "Jesus" he fold his hands and says it.
I love it.

He is not speaking much, still not worried he's trying to figure out double languages. and i know its hard. But its kind of getting frustrating for the both of us. He wants to tell me something but can't and his few signs he can't express what he wants. I CAN"T WAIT till his language explodes it will be a relief for both him and I.

 This winter has been amazing to my husband a florida man who was freaking out about a winter here in the midwest. I dont think we will be as lucky next year.

HOW is it march already, I am not complaining.
With that note my son will be 2 in about 2 months HOW. HOW HOW did that happen i have no idea.
I should probably get to planning.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

valentines day idea

I was trying to think of a cute idea for valentines day for my husband.
I like to surprise him, and also do stuff for him on this month of love.
So a trip to the dollar store it was!
and I was lucky enough to find these awesome little heart boxes.
Perfect size to put your husbands or wives favorite treat! and i added little bible verses of love or uplifting ones.
I have 14 boxes one for each day till valentines day.

I would look in your local Dollar Tree and see if you can find these boxes.
Hide them in your husbands backpack, suite case, in his jacket before work.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Being a mom of 1

I've read articles latley of only having one child. the pros and cons. ALL THAT JAZZZZZZ.
Its annoying.
Seriously this is one of the biggest decisions I've ever made.
This is why i wished for twins. One and done. We would have had no choice but to DEAL with 2 babies.
Instead now we know the taste of having children, and well honestly we are just not prepared to handle another one.
My hubs and I. We just aren't
there are moments of weakness, of sibiling love scenes from other parents but then i dont know. I doubt myself. I get frazzled easily, I wish I could calm my child down when he has a tantrum, i wish he wasn't growing up so fast which makes the decision of having another hard, cause time is ticking, cause if you dont have another baby soon before he turns 3 then the age gap is too much. blah . blah. blah.

Then i think, what if my child was an only child? would that be the END of the world?
I get the "oh he'll be so lonely", and i freak out.
Me and my sister are 9 years apart. and that is a HUGE age gap. I never really had a "sister" as a child, now we are closer, but she's 15 and i'm 24.

I don't know. I feel like I need to make a decision about more children soon, but I know im not ready.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

I've been lucky so far.

I have been lucky so far that Andrew hasn't been "hurt" badly.
Of course he has fallen, hurt his head, cried, all the "normal" stuff, but nothing serious... until new years eve.
It was a new years eve/parents 25th anniversary party.
My parents had gotten a hotel room for the night and they had rented a banquet room in the actual hotel.
All of us were busy in the room getting ready, andrew of course was running around just being himself.
Then my dad took out the iron to iron his clothes and he left it on on the side tables of the hotel room.
Then we all screamed with we saw andrew go touch the hot iron.
I freaked out.
I started crying and hugging him, I am horrible at dealing with situations like this.
Finally i grabbed him and put his hands under cold water, then some ice.
I didn't want to even see his hands. I couldn't.
Meanwhile we were all freaking out, everyone was waiting for my parents cause they were renewing their vows, my husband was their minister... anyways it was crazy.
I felt the pain.
Those tears that I know I will shed more of as my child grows.
It made me value even MORE my mom and dad.
I feel like I haven't caused them many tears, but the ones I have I understand them 100% now.
But my boy, he was strong
We wrapped his hands up with some ointment and bandage and a sock so he wouldn't be sucking on his finger *he's teething*.
The next morning he woke up like nothing had happened. It was sensitive but he wasn't whinny or crying.
I burned my 3 fingers once in college on my flat iron and i was a BIG BABY for like 2 weeks.
Meanwhile it blistered and now its all better.
So i'll be way more vigilant  and watching over him more! obviously not letting anything hot that attracts his curiosity

Friday, January 6, 2012

Back from a long break~

it was nice to be in chicago this christmas, as in last one we were in orlando and yes my parents came down to be with us but there is nothing like being with all my family.
We celebrate the 24th with opening of presents at 12 naturally the baby was sleeping, so he would have a traditional christmas in the morning.
He got a few presents and a nice easel my mom got him for christmas! :)
I have to admit im happy to be back home!