Friday, October 29, 2010

Birth Story. (long over due)

I'm writting this now almos 6 months later because: 1. i just started a blog. 2. I need to write it down somewhere :)
So the monday of the week he was born i had a doctors appointment, a regular check up. I was 38 1/2 weeks along on thursday it would have been 39. My Dr. told me that he would like to see me on thrusday and most likely induce me. He said he didn't want to risk the baby pooping inside and getting a infection. i was NOT happy hearing this and i didn'y want to be induced, i just wanted it to happen naturally. i wasn't over due soooo my hubs and i concluded he just wanted to "fit me in" his schedule ( because he was on duty that weekened)
Our doctor tells us he starts his shift at 7 pm and he wants us there either at 6:30 or 8 so we avoid the nurses shift change. So Andrew and I get to the hospital at 5:30 and we try to register downstairs with the register people but they tell us that we just need to head straight to L&D. I tell the im NOT in labor but they said to go there.
So we do. We go there and of course they tell us to go back and register with IN patient and not out patient. ( did i mention im 9 months pregnant and im waddaling around this hospital!)
FInally we do all the registering, insurance blah blah.We head back up there to L and D and they ask me for my name. I told them my docotor called to put me in the schedule im being induced and he told me to be here at this time. They start looking at their schedule and they say " your not on here" WELLL OF COURSE IM NOT IT ALWAYS HAPPENS TO ME. So i say "well maybe look at 7pm im here early to avoid nursing shifts. She says " nope". Then she calls my doctors office and she comes back and tells me, " you were suppose to be here at 7 AM!!" .... UMMMMMMMMMM 7 am? nobody told me. I guess i should have asked but since he said 7pm his shift started i figured I needed to be there at that time as well!
Thanks alot Doc.
Needless to say i wasn't very "fond" on my doctor. I had no one to refer me to their "favorite" OB and i just had to look online for reviews. He was given so many good reviews that i was like WOW cool okay this will be nice.
Not only that be turns out he went to the same university as me, but no longer is associated with the reglion of the university and his father is a pastor, and my husband is also in ministry. I thought that would bond us, but it didn't. He often made remarks about my vegatarisim and how he knows i don't "drink" or "smoke" but he always said it in a condensending way.

So we finally get checked in and my doctor gets there and gives us a look as in why wasn't i here at 7 am . I told him there must have been a misunderstand i guess. ( i wasnt happy). So he starts cervidil. HOLY MONKEY COW him putting that in was so extremely painful i was crying. I just hated everything about how rough he was. He proceeds to tell me " now we're 12 hours behind schedule." Wow. seriously. he was worried about HIS schedule cause he was off sunday night. So at this point im 1 cm dilated ( since thursday) and -2 effaced. Great. And of course everyone tells yu since your a first time mom it can take days. DAYS. DEAR JESUS why, i don't know what i was feeling at that point. Just frustration. I wanted everything to happen naturally, the process that is not the laboring, i wanted that epidural no one would change my mind. I wanted to water to break, i wanted an epi, and i wanted to start pushing. HAHAH yeah right.
12 hours later..........
They come check me and see what my cervidil had accomplished- NOTHING.
NOTHING! not even 1 more cm???.. nope nothing
So my doctor made the nurse give me another dose of cervidil.
she wasn't as rough as he was but it wasnt very comfortable.
12 more hours of waiting...
Now i had my family visiting me and that was sooo nice.
My husband was with me all the time and my sister was there most of the time.
more waiting .. at this point i was STARVING.
I hadn't eaten anything since friday afternoon and i was so so so so so so hungry.
but they didn't want to give me anything.
so i just waited and waited and more waiting
until saturday night around 9 they gave be a turkey sandwhich with graham crackers.
best sandwich in my life. mostly because i hadn't eaten anything.
My parents stayed with andrew and i till around 9 pm and then everyone left.
I remember watching a re run of SNL and thinking... im going to have a baby soon!
I remember being so nervous. I wanted to be strong and not scared in front of everyone. but the truth is i was so nervous, i had no idea what to expect.
at midnight they decided to go ahead and start the pitocin on me.
So they did. Andrew was wondering if he could take a nap, i said okay. even though i couldn't sleep at all knowning that contractions would begin soon.
It was 3 am when the contractions came, and boy did they come fast.
i woke andrew up after the first one.
He was wonderful.
he helped me breath through every single one of them.
Remember i was not planning to ever have a natural ( med free) birth so my nurse came in about 30 min from when my contractions started saying " do you want your epi?" i said no, im okay for now.
WHAT WAS A THINKING.. i wasn't sure what i was thinking why i said no to this offer. I guess i wanted to feel what they were like, and i wanted to endure some pain since i was going to have an epidural. I don't remember whatever my stupid reason was i had contractions for about 2 hours. then i couldnt take it anymore.
My nurse came in and said
" can i ask you why you don't want the epidural"
i said I DO NOW!!
in less than 10 minutes the wonderful anesthesiologist came.
Okay so i was always scared that if you move when they are putting the needle in you can become paralyzed.
So of course i asked him how many people did he know became paralyzed after an epidural.
he looked at e like.. seriouslyy?
he said none.
they made my husband leave so it was just me and my nurse ( who also worked as a part time police officer.. werid huh) also throughout my weekend i had 4 nurses 2 names janet and 2 named maria.. but i digress..
i was scared of getting the epidural. she said it would feel like a bee sting... i had no idea ive never been stung by a bee...
ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm it sure didn't.. the nurse was holding me down and i said what if i have another contraction while he is putting the needle in and i move!!.
anywayss it hurt like hell. i felt the colddddddd liquid down my spine but soon i felt the oohh sooo sweet feeling of relieve.
it was 5 am now and i felt like i was a different woman. i totally fell asleep.
my doctor came at 7 to check on me.. i was like 4 cm dialted and he decided to break my water.'
i went back to sleep till about 9 when the surgical tech and nurse came in. i was 6 cm dialted at 9 am. the surge tech was setting everything up for the the baby and then it hit me hard ..i was having a baby TODAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. she talked to me about what she was doing and other things, andrew and i were laughing and pretty calm, until i felt like i needed to pee badly. i didnt want to say anything because i just thought i was being weird.. then the feeling became more intense... like i was told.. a strong feeling to poop. i called my nurse and she said " yup your ready to push"

it was 10 am at this point.
oh goodness i couldnt believe it
my mom, grandma, and andrew were all there.
and thus began by 2 hour long pushing session.
it was werid i felt what i was doing it wasnt extremely painful but a lot of pressure and feeling weird.
During this time it was mostly andrew and my mom holding my legs and the nurse coaching me though it
my doctor sat in the room and played with his new IPAD
.... im not sure if he was just trying to keep me calm or whatever but it was strange
he asked me what is my favorite classical artist and thus he started play "spring" from vavaldi.
My mom was freaking out and andrew couldn't believe how worried she was the whole time. it was kinda funny, i had to tell my mom to "keep it together"
My grandma, who has 5 kids, had NEVER seen how a birth is done. She was in shock and couldn't believe she had done it 5 times.
So i pushed and pushed.... the whole time i was thinking pleaseeeeeee God don't let me tear... I was lucky and didn't.
When he started to crown the doctor got ready and came over.
he was like "wow that baby has a lot of hair" you must have had baddd heart burn.

I didn't, just once in awhile.. but he should know that since he saw me all the time.. anyways...

Now i thought maybe with the epidural i wouldn't feel a thing boy was i wrong.
The doctor said "he's almost here push" i was pushing and pushing and i felt like nothing was happening. I just wanted him OUTTTTTT.
When his head was coming out it was like a ring of fire. it was painful.
I remember screaming I CANT DO THIS ANYMORE.
of course my mom and andrew were like "YES YOU CAN YOU CAN"
and i let out a BIG cry and then i felt a GUSH of water and yuckyness im sure come out.
I remember the doctor saying "whoa his cord is wrapped around 2 times " i kinda freaked out thinking OH MY GOODNESS shouldn't i have known this already through an ultra sound..
But then i heard his cry... his soft "pathetic" cry.
He proceeded taking my placenta out. luckily with no problems.. and he was like
" the placenta is out... i guess nobody cares"
Everyone was taking pictures and looking at the baby.
so at 12:08 pm my baby boy arrived into this world. on a sunny sunday afternoon.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Full time job

Yes. Being a stay at home mom is a FULL TIME JOB. I hate when people are like " oh your at home with the baby" are you kidding me? Have you dealt with a baby before? During my college summer breaks i would nanny for multiple families and once i nannied a 3 month old and it was nice but only cause i could hand the baby over to her mom and go home and do my own thing. But there is no break when your a mom. you have no weekends or breaks its 24/7 all the time. But the rewards are endless. Im so excited and lucky to stay home with my munchkin . I get to wake up to those little faces and hug and cuddle him all day!. Along with the regular things that come with baby ( crying, whinning.. ect.) i wouldn't trade this for the world.
Im also so so so excited to see my friends this weekend that are coming from TN for their college break. yay!

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

A rant of sorts, plus christmas

So when i was pregnant my hair was sooo long and shiny and i was soo excited about it! i had been warned about the dreaded post hair loss but my baby was 2 1/2 months and NOTHING!! i thought i had escaped it! HA! was i wrong. my friends mom told me it stated for her when her babies were 3 months and as you know it mine started then as well. Im so so so tired of seeing hair everywhereeee. It falls out so much im scared to brush my hair anymore.
Halloween is coming up and its going to be annoying this year. I really don't want kids ringing the doorbell at 8 pm when im trying to put the baby to sleep.... also i hate this time because i HATE HATE scary movies, i can't stand them because even though im 23 years i hate the dark and even though its not true i can't help but to be freaked out for the next 10374083 years. gah. i hate it but till this day i hate chuckie and i hate freddie and all of those scary guys.

This Christmas is not going to be as fun as all my other ones. We can't go to chicago becuase my hubby doesn't have enough time off :(. My  Dad, mom, and sister have promised to come to orlando for christmas and i HOPE that they follow through. Its my sweet boy's first christmas and I want to make it as special as I can! Since we are in orlando maybe we will spend christmas eve day at disney world! that will be different but also fun!
Since my family is from ecuador we have never celebrated "Christmas" on the 25th morning per say, we have a BIG party the 24th and open presents at 12 am midnight and stay up singing and just talking till 3 am. Then the 25th everyone comes over to eat left overs and we watch a movie. Since my hubby is a traditional american i want to incorporate BOTH traditions. I've always enjoyed watching families on TV get up on the 25th and open presents in the morning and the kids get to play with their new toys all day, so I want to do both. I want to celebrate big on the 24th AND have a fun breakfest and presents with them on the 25th. Traditions that i want to keep going. I hope that we will always be close to my family so i can enjoy my mom and her big parties for as long as i can. My mom makes everything so special , i love it. She has made everything i have accomplished into a "big deal" and i love it, it makes me feel sooo special and worth it. I hope to do the same for my son. I wanna be THAT mom, i want him to know that if he does things correctly he deserves to be praised for it.
I love love Christmas! and this year since my parents are coming to my house i get to decorate even MORE. Last year it was just andrew and I and we spent most of the hoilday season in chicago that i didn't go all out like i wanted to! BUT this year i hope my hubby is prepared because i really want to make it special for us.
I keep forgetting about myself in a way, everything i think about is "my son this and that" i forget to remember to pamper myself and think of what i would like for christmas. I'm not sure what i want, i just want everyone i love close to me, and like the cliche christmas song ( that i love), all i want for christmas is you, and by you i mean my family.
I still miss sleeping.
I still miss going out late at night with the hubby to walmart
I miss "our" time
but nothing compares to the smiles and giggles we get from our baby boy in the morning. gosh he is just so precious.

But since it is thursday i want to say I'm thankful for the following things:
- waking up to sunshine every.single. day. those are the joys of living in florida
- waking up to the boys that love me back
-having a hard working hubby
-having some alone time at night when i put the baby down, even though it means i sacrafice sleep just to be up till 12 am with my hubby
-having a comfy home
-that i was able to make a successful "mac grill" type bread
- Talking to my husband about feelings

Friday, October 8, 2010

My Lover

In the hussle of daily live and with our new addition to the family i hardly find time to write about "us". Of course baby andrew does so many cute things and my thoughts seem to be consummed by him all the time there is always my dear hubby next to me. He does so much for us everyday and i thank him that i am able to be a stay at home mom. I just love to remember our wedding day, it was so special and I am so thankful that my mom made sure it was special so I can always remember it!
These pictures bring so much happiness to my life.

Top 10 reasons why I love my hubby
1. He is sweet
2. He never forgets to give me a kiss before he goes to work even though i'm knocked out mouth open sleeping
3. He loves God
4. He loves our son, and will do anything for him
5. Is funny. He always makes me laugh
6. We can talk about ANYTHING and laugh about it
7. He tries to please me as much as he can
8. He understands me when i'm sad
9. He is particular and i love it
10. He buys me little gifts that make me smile
Till death do us part papi i love you
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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Dear Sleep I miss you

Ahhh good ol' sleep,  how i miss thee. SERIOUSLY PEOPLE i miss sleep. I look back now on those late night college days when i used to stay up with my roomates watching the office or any old show just becuase we could ( ha and studying of course ;) ) although i must admit i've never pulled an all nighter, mostly because i just CAN'T i get sneezy and tired by 3 am and by 4 i feel like my body is dying. So of course i get the baby who is NOT the perfect sleepy newborn that everyone has, or that books tell you that your newborn sleeps about 20 hours a day! REALLY?! i was sooo lied to. I remember going to the ped, and asking him if my son's sleeping habits are normal * falling alseep at 2 am and waking up every 1 hr* he said yup some moms are dealt with the good cards while others are not... basically DEAL WITH IT. Alas I'm still dealing with it, and i can't remember that last time i slept more than 3 hours in a row.. i miss just sleeping and waking up feeling rested. I'm trying a schedule with him now so somewhere between 8:30-9:30 he is asleep and has established a weird habit of waking up 3 times in the hour and by the 3rd time he sleep a good chunk. Why am i not sleeping with him now you ask?? because this is the only time the WHOLE.DAY. i can have for myself. I just want to be online without having him on my lap drooling and trying to grab my glasses off my face. Don't get me wrong i love him SO SO much there are no words to describe my love but mommy needs alone time .... Anyways i'm soooo hesitant about using the "cry it out" method but we will see, maybe next month i'll start it... till then he is in our bed ( don't judge me or give me advice on that please we are fine with it and thats all that matters) and it makes my life easier for nightly feedings, but soon we will be putting him in his own room in his crib, i must admit i miss him already just thinking of him being in another room but at the same time i will enjoy my own bed for the first time in months.
So till then pray for us as we struggle with the "difficult sleeper" type baby and hopefully he can find a way to soothe himself without me having to be RIGHT THERE all the time.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Food Time~

THis weekend has been fun!
FIrst started off with feeding our little one some rice cereal for the first time! He was hesistant at first but by mid bowl he was enjoying it. He made the CUTEST faces when he was eating and looking at us like "what the heck, why not". He's been drooling and salivating everytime we eat so the docotor gave us the 'go' to feed him some rice cereal.
I alsooo FINALLY got my letters that i ordered! Like i said they are BIG and perfect!
THey came in wood, i painted them with Gesso and then i tried to find some ideas online for Andrew's letters. FInally i found something i like, the letters are green, brown , and yellow ( they kind look black in the picture but they are not). I'm happy on how they turned out! My Second crafty type project! and the 'G' and 'A' is for our room, I'm painting them black.

Anyways hope everyone's weekend was relaxing as well
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Friday, October 1, 2010

Wooden letters!

YAY! I FINALLY received my wooden letters i ordered from . It took them about 3 weeks to deliver them, ( which i was not to happy about) but they are PERFECT. I paid about 3 dollars for each letter but they are BIG and PERFECT. you can pick your own font and you can have them painted or DIY. I'm opting to DIY becuase, although im not the most crafty person in the world, I'm not willing to pay 20.00 a LETTER for something i can try to do :). I took a painting class my senior year in college and i have left over supplies that i'm going to use!  SOOO I HOPEE i can do a good job i'm still debating on the design but im thinking alternating green and chocolate brown letters with white/yellow dots, although i saw some buttons on some designs i saw online, so maybe i'll do that. YAY so excited.