Tuesday, December 20, 2011


We are going to my parents home soon to spend christmas and new years, and also their 25th wedding anniversary, which has me thinking how awesome it is that my parents are still together and I am so lucky and grateful for that.
Being married and seeing the good and bad marriage can bring, it takes LOTS AND LOTS of work to make a marriage work, and although love is the main foundation to a marriage , love isn't going to "carry you through" like a lot of love songs say.

Andrew is so funny nowadays, he loves to dance, to every single beat and song. its so funny.
He is very outgoing once he gets comfortable he will be sitting on your lap if he likes you, and he loves the ladies. seriously anywhere we go he picks a pretty girl and sits with her... lord help me.

Hubs bought us a "family present" which is an xbox 360 with kinect! we have been having so much fun dancing to dance central and its quite a work out, the hubs and I SWEAT like crazy just playing that game! it should keep us entertained throughout this crazy winter.

I stilll have to finish laundry, packing, and a doctors appointment today. fun fun.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

A day in the snow

Last week there was the first real snow fall of the year, as in snow stayed on the ground long enough.
Andrew looked out the window in awe of this new white thing falling from the sky, after all it was his first snow fall!
needless to say we didn't go out and enjoy it like you would have thought, we stayed home.
But today it snowed, and after church my hubs took andrew out to "play" in the snow.
My husband is from florida. Sooo you can imagine how much fun he was having * none* and then andrew didn't like it either, but he was brave and took some photos with us :)

Monday, December 5, 2011

Cherry blossom tree inspired nails

If there is one "beauty" type thing I enjoy doing is nails.
I love doing nails.

I have just been doing my nails since I was 9. I can't remember a time when I didn't do my nails.
Now that I am a mommy, and aside my regular mommy attire of pj pants and baggy shirts on an almost daily basis, my nails and occasionally my makeup are my only beauty outlet !

So here is my cherry blossom nails i did the other day!

Christmas seems to be creeping up to fast! truth is every night for the last week i've been drinking hot chocolate by my christmas tree just enjoying the cold nights.

BUT after all the holidays and such come new year resolutions and then valentines day, which i love,
but to be honest I HATED it when i was a teenager, probably for the same reasons every single teenage girl does, the lack of male attention on that day.
But now i have a permanent man in ma life ;) and he always follows through with something fun :)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

A nice surprise!

No I'm not pregnant :op I can't afford that right now sadly :(.
BUT! I had a wonderful surprise in the mail today!
I've been blogging for about a year and I see bloggy friends send other friends things , and I thought how cool that would be!
Well I got something in the mail today from one of my bloggy friends!
She was suppose to send me a yo-gabba gabba CD * since we love them* and I got a few more surprises :)
Thanks so much chica!

See? The peppermint bark is AMAZING, and the ornaments match my tree perfectly!

Andrew has been sick this week, with a runny nose, that now turns into a stuffy nose which means 50 % of the day he's grumpy. blah.

But he is growing up so fast and is so cute. He says "woof woof" to almost all animals still, he's still not  saying specific words but def making LOTs of noises and it seems more inclined to spanish sounds, its weird but there are certain sounds that come from the spanish language, we'll see what happens!