Friday, October 29, 2010

Birth Story. (long over due)

I'm writting this now almos 6 months later because: 1. i just started a blog. 2. I need to write it down somewhere :)
So the monday of the week he was born i had a doctors appointment, a regular check up. I was 38 1/2 weeks along on thursday it would have been 39. My Dr. told me that he would like to see me on thrusday and most likely induce me. He said he didn't want to risk the baby pooping inside and getting a infection. i was NOT happy hearing this and i didn'y want to be induced, i just wanted it to happen naturally. i wasn't over due soooo my hubs and i concluded he just wanted to "fit me in" his schedule ( because he was on duty that weekened)
Our doctor tells us he starts his shift at 7 pm and he wants us there either at 6:30 or 8 so we avoid the nurses shift change. So Andrew and I get to the hospital at 5:30 and we try to register downstairs with the register people but they tell us that we just need to head straight to L&D. I tell the im NOT in labor but they said to go there.
So we do. We go there and of course they tell us to go back and register with IN patient and not out patient. ( did i mention im 9 months pregnant and im waddaling around this hospital!)
FInally we do all the registering, insurance blah blah.We head back up there to L and D and they ask me for my name. I told them my docotor called to put me in the schedule im being induced and he told me to be here at this time. They start looking at their schedule and they say " your not on here" WELLL OF COURSE IM NOT IT ALWAYS HAPPENS TO ME. So i say "well maybe look at 7pm im here early to avoid nursing shifts. She says " nope". Then she calls my doctors office and she comes back and tells me, " you were suppose to be here at 7 AM!!" .... UMMMMMMMMMM 7 am? nobody told me. I guess i should have asked but since he said 7pm his shift started i figured I needed to be there at that time as well!
Thanks alot Doc.
Needless to say i wasn't very "fond" on my doctor. I had no one to refer me to their "favorite" OB and i just had to look online for reviews. He was given so many good reviews that i was like WOW cool okay this will be nice.
Not only that be turns out he went to the same university as me, but no longer is associated with the reglion of the university and his father is a pastor, and my husband is also in ministry. I thought that would bond us, but it didn't. He often made remarks about my vegatarisim and how he knows i don't "drink" or "smoke" but he always said it in a condensending way.

So we finally get checked in and my doctor gets there and gives us a look as in why wasn't i here at 7 am . I told him there must have been a misunderstand i guess. ( i wasnt happy). So he starts cervidil. HOLY MONKEY COW him putting that in was so extremely painful i was crying. I just hated everything about how rough he was. He proceeds to tell me " now we're 12 hours behind schedule." Wow. seriously. he was worried about HIS schedule cause he was off sunday night. So at this point im 1 cm dilated ( since thursday) and -2 effaced. Great. And of course everyone tells yu since your a first time mom it can take days. DAYS. DEAR JESUS why, i don't know what i was feeling at that point. Just frustration. I wanted everything to happen naturally, the process that is not the laboring, i wanted that epidural no one would change my mind. I wanted to water to break, i wanted an epi, and i wanted to start pushing. HAHAH yeah right.
12 hours later..........
They come check me and see what my cervidil had accomplished- NOTHING.
NOTHING! not even 1 more cm???.. nope nothing
So my doctor made the nurse give me another dose of cervidil.
she wasn't as rough as he was but it wasnt very comfortable.
12 more hours of waiting...
Now i had my family visiting me and that was sooo nice.
My husband was with me all the time and my sister was there most of the time.
more waiting .. at this point i was STARVING.
I hadn't eaten anything since friday afternoon and i was so so so so so so hungry.
but they didn't want to give me anything.
so i just waited and waited and more waiting
until saturday night around 9 they gave be a turkey sandwhich with graham crackers.
best sandwich in my life. mostly because i hadn't eaten anything.
My parents stayed with andrew and i till around 9 pm and then everyone left.
I remember watching a re run of SNL and thinking... im going to have a baby soon!
I remember being so nervous. I wanted to be strong and not scared in front of everyone. but the truth is i was so nervous, i had no idea what to expect.
at midnight they decided to go ahead and start the pitocin on me.
So they did. Andrew was wondering if he could take a nap, i said okay. even though i couldn't sleep at all knowning that contractions would begin soon.
It was 3 am when the contractions came, and boy did they come fast.
i woke andrew up after the first one.
He was wonderful.
he helped me breath through every single one of them.
Remember i was not planning to ever have a natural ( med free) birth so my nurse came in about 30 min from when my contractions started saying " do you want your epi?" i said no, im okay for now.
WHAT WAS A THINKING.. i wasn't sure what i was thinking why i said no to this offer. I guess i wanted to feel what they were like, and i wanted to endure some pain since i was going to have an epidural. I don't remember whatever my stupid reason was i had contractions for about 2 hours. then i couldnt take it anymore.
My nurse came in and said
" can i ask you why you don't want the epidural"
i said I DO NOW!!
in less than 10 minutes the wonderful anesthesiologist came.
Okay so i was always scared that if you move when they are putting the needle in you can become paralyzed.
So of course i asked him how many people did he know became paralyzed after an epidural.
he looked at e like.. seriouslyy?
he said none.
they made my husband leave so it was just me and my nurse ( who also worked as a part time police officer.. werid huh) also throughout my weekend i had 4 nurses 2 names janet and 2 named maria.. but i digress..
i was scared of getting the epidural. she said it would feel like a bee sting... i had no idea ive never been stung by a bee...
ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm it sure didn't.. the nurse was holding me down and i said what if i have another contraction while he is putting the needle in and i move!!.
anywayss it hurt like hell. i felt the colddddddd liquid down my spine but soon i felt the oohh sooo sweet feeling of relieve.
it was 5 am now and i felt like i was a different woman. i totally fell asleep.
my doctor came at 7 to check on me.. i was like 4 cm dialted and he decided to break my water.'
i went back to sleep till about 9 when the surgical tech and nurse came in. i was 6 cm dialted at 9 am. the surge tech was setting everything up for the the baby and then it hit me hard ..i was having a baby TODAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. she talked to me about what she was doing and other things, andrew and i were laughing and pretty calm, until i felt like i needed to pee badly. i didnt want to say anything because i just thought i was being weird.. then the feeling became more intense... like i was told.. a strong feeling to poop. i called my nurse and she said " yup your ready to push"

it was 10 am at this point.
oh goodness i couldnt believe it
my mom, grandma, and andrew were all there.
and thus began by 2 hour long pushing session.
it was werid i felt what i was doing it wasnt extremely painful but a lot of pressure and feeling weird.
During this time it was mostly andrew and my mom holding my legs and the nurse coaching me though it
my doctor sat in the room and played with his new IPAD
.... im not sure if he was just trying to keep me calm or whatever but it was strange
he asked me what is my favorite classical artist and thus he started play "spring" from vavaldi.
My mom was freaking out and andrew couldn't believe how worried she was the whole time. it was kinda funny, i had to tell my mom to "keep it together"
My grandma, who has 5 kids, had NEVER seen how a birth is done. She was in shock and couldn't believe she had done it 5 times.
So i pushed and pushed.... the whole time i was thinking pleaseeeeeee God don't let me tear... I was lucky and didn't.
When he started to crown the doctor got ready and came over.
he was like "wow that baby has a lot of hair" you must have had baddd heart burn.

I didn't, just once in awhile.. but he should know that since he saw me all the time.. anyways...

Now i thought maybe with the epidural i wouldn't feel a thing boy was i wrong.
The doctor said "he's almost here push" i was pushing and pushing and i felt like nothing was happening. I just wanted him OUTTTTTT.
When his head was coming out it was like a ring of fire. it was painful.
I remember screaming I CANT DO THIS ANYMORE.
of course my mom and andrew were like "YES YOU CAN YOU CAN"
and i let out a BIG cry and then i felt a GUSH of water and yuckyness im sure come out.
I remember the doctor saying "whoa his cord is wrapped around 2 times " i kinda freaked out thinking OH MY GOODNESS shouldn't i have known this already through an ultra sound..
But then i heard his cry... his soft "pathetic" cry.
He proceeded taking my placenta out. luckily with no problems.. and he was like
" the placenta is out... i guess nobody cares"
Everyone was taking pictures and looking at the baby.
so at 12:08 pm my baby boy arrived into this world. on a sunny sunday afternoon.

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  1. the placenta is out...i guess nobody cares! classic. what a great story!