Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My role

I've been having this crazy urge to try  new things.
That is the problem of being a stay at home mom, you start to feel like you don't have a place in the "real world".
Sometimes I feel like my friends are looking at me with pitty, like "awww you stay home with him" in which i respond, "yes, Its the best job ever". And it is.
I love every minute, and I cherish this grand opportunity to do so!

But you know, as any woman, you want to feel like your an adult, and not just constantly singing some silly song and rolling around on the floor to make your son laugh ( which is totally worth it)
I know I can not get my master for awhile, with my hubs job and the moving, but I am also scared the longer I wait, the more irrelevant the knowledge i currently have will become.
At the same time, I myself, haven't sat down and read journals of new findings, therapies, ect.. I am too busy, and to be honest, I love being home in PJS all day with my son.
I just get those random feelings when i see my husband get ready for work, that I wish I could be going to work. sometimes. for now I am happy where I am.
I just wish that people wouldn't look at a SAHM as a"sad" thing or " you poor thing". I know the women who look down on me, cause I cook and clean, and i fit a "role"
But they don't know that role yet, they haven't been where i am.
They haven't held that cuddly baby and just smell that yummy baby smell.
The hard times exists 24/7, the sleepless night, all that jazz that comes with a new baby.
But I love my role.
The role I play , i hold the family together.

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