Monday, March 14, 2011

No she is not my lover she is my friend

Let me start by saying I am NOT against homosexuality. I think to each its own. At the same time i have my own reservations about it, I won't go into detail or religious opinions about it, cause everyone can make their case about it.
My friend and I whom i've known since college, she was my roomate, we hang out maybe once a month since she does live in orlando, but about 45 minutes away from me!.
Everytime we go out everyone thinks we are a couple.
Maybe its cause we are both hispanic?
I don't know.
Whatever happened to the days when people would not assume right away.
One time we were at IKEA and this little boy turned around saw us, and his mouth dropped.
He turned around to his dad and said "dad look at them they even have a baby"
Yes i had my son in my arms.
We laughed it off like we usually do.
But the stares, and glares. I feel bad for those who are in a same sex relationship and get stares.
At the same time I am VERY used to the stares since I am in an interracial marriage.
So its always interesting.
Why do people do that to others?
Interracial, same sex, or just plain "weird" looking couples.
We were at panera this past sunday, and these 2 older men where sitting across from us, like 2 feet away.
I guess he was observing us the whole time, because i got up to put the tray away and my son stayed in the high chair with my friend at the table.
OF course he whined as soon as i got up but as i got back i picked him and we were walking out when he said:
him: "excuse me miss, you have a well behaved son"
me:  " oh thank you, this is a rare occasion i guess "
him: " i can see through this situation who is the "mom" and who is the "mother"
me: * silence*
me: " ha, yeah"... walk away.

See I feel awkward still.
I am so old school.
I don't know how to feel about that yet.
I know the men were trying to be "more accepting" of homosexuality in this new decade.
But for me I still feel like its a "hush hush" situation.
And i know its totally not anymore.
So I guess i'll just laugh it off.
Its not a big deal. Its just a new changing world.

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  1. I had this happen to me when I was w/my best friend holding her son in Target. The couple was super nice, but they made a huge assumption when talking to us about "our baby" we "made together."

    It wasn't bad, it was just...awkward.