Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sleepless nights part 2

We then began the co-sleeping part. I loved it, the hubs accepted it, it was working out fine. Andrew eventually started getting into a routine. I had to start a routine because this child was everywhere.
I feel like babies before 4 or 5 months have their own routine, they do what they want no matter how hard you try. So I wasn't going to try to force him to sleep at a certain time, I was going to go with his flow and hopefully more rest was to come.
At 4 months I slowly started a routine. I would bathe him around 8 and try to nurse him by 9 and hopefully he'd be asleep by 10.
It was working, we were consistent and he started to realize after the bath, it was bed time soon after.
He was still sleeping with us in bed at this point, but I could guarantee that by 10 pm he would be sleeping.
It was nice, I would put him to sleep in our bed and then I could come out and just hang out with my husband, something we hadn't done in a long time, you know just us sitting in the living room together.
He would cry probably every 3 hours still, but the co-sleeping helped a lot for me not to feel totally exhausted.
Sometimes it was annoying to not be able to have ALL My bed, but at the same time I was not going to have the energy to get up and nurse him, and he was NOT having it sleeping in the play pen next to us.
It was hard, sometimes i felt so frustrated. Before he was born I thought " all moms need to do is be consistent and train the baby, sleep is so easy"
So stupid .
Even throughout our parenting classes, there was a class that said " if you catch your baby's cues fast enough you won't have to hear them cry"
What the heck!? i need to go back to the center and tell them to remove all those pamphlets.
Anyways, things were finally getting into a routine and now it was just getting a bit crowded in out bed....

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