Monday, March 21, 2011

Its official

We're moving from orlando June 19, well at least I am.
See the hospital that my husband works for is paying for one trip to go "house hunting" in Michigan. We were going to use that paid trip the same weekend out friends are getting married in chicago. Then my hubs came with the news that that house trip was scheduled at a specific time in june.
Since we have a 10 month old now that HATES his car seat, and HATES being in the car for more than 20 minutes, there is no way in hell I'm doing 2 20 hour roadtrips.
So when we go up in June to michigan/chicago area I am just going to stay there till my husband comes back officially to move to michigan in august.
So I'll be home for a little over a month with my family. It will be SO NICE to just be there with them.
At the same time sadness cause I don't like to be away from him for a long time. He said the sweetest thing he was like " you think the baby will forget about me"
Aww. yes I told him NO he will always remember you.
I love when he shows mushy gushy emotions.
He's not always the most expressive person he has his own way of showing his love and affection.
We had a wonderful "family" day yesterday.
We went to burlington coat factory to look for winter coats for next year.
Yes in March.
IN orlando at 85 degrees.
I think everyone thought we were crazy.  We were trying them on and walking around to see if they were warm enough.ect... We def got stares.
Little booger has had a fever the past days, a low grade one, but hopefully it will go down.
Hes not being unusual just a fever.
Who knew a little child could control your life, your feelings, and thoughts every second of the day.

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  1. so what if you looked funny! you'll need them next winter!! :)