Friday, March 25, 2011


Before getting married I often thought of how I would keep the realtionships in my life going.
You see my BFF and I have been friends since 5th grade and she was scared
that once I got married things would change.
Well I thought to myself, of course things will change, I am getting married
and sharing my life with someone else.
I guess I was able to maintain a good realtionship with her.
We talked (still do) on the phone often and although we don't get to spend
every single day together like we did 2 years prior to me getting married ( we were college roomates) I hoped that nothing would ruin our realtionship.
I had another best friends, and we were roomates throughout our highschool experience. We also went to elementary school but definitaley became close during highschool, of course that also put pressure on my other BFF since her parents didn't want her going
to boarding school.
Anyways my other friend and I became very close during our time as roomates. We had fights and we didn't speak for 2 months at one point. In which I moved out. BLAH BLAH it was a mess.
But ultimatley we were like sisters. Yes she was my sister. I loved her that way. I was the older one.
All those great memories left behind at my old boarding school i miss them so much. Sometimes I wish I could go back for a day, and other times when I see what my sister is going
through as a teenager again I would NEVER want to be 15 again.
We grew apart due to different choices in lifestyles. When we were young we did the same things everything we did we had in common. As I went on to college and she stayed locally to go to college she choose to do things I didn't agree on. And suddenly the things she did I did not want to partake of, and what i thought was "fun" was boring. So eventually we grew apart.
I still speak to her on FB once in awhile and I did get to see her about a year ago. I do miss our friendship, I know its not gone forever, and at least the memories were made.
I feel like Im just having a hard time maintaining friendships. A lot of my college friends call me out of the blue, and I just feel like i don't have time to talk for hours. Or when i do have time I want to spend it with my husband. Its a weird situation since I've always been surrounded by friends.
I love that they call me and keep in touch with me. That is why sometimes I am so thankful for FB. If it weren't for facebook I would probably have no idea what some of my friends are up to!
I find it easier to connect with young moms that have babies now. We have those things in common and talking about our children takes up all the time .
I just have to learn to balance those relationships

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  1. I lost all of my college friends, I know how you feel!