Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sleepless nights final

After those glorious 3 weeks, the waking up in the middle of the night began again.
It was strange cause I had been so spoiled those last 3 weeks, that when he was waking up, I was like WHATTT IS GOING ON!!!
He started waking up 3 times during the night again.
I'm pretty sure it was because he was learning all these new motor skills, and he just didn't want to just lay there.
He was pulling up on his crib and standing and crying, and thats why he couldn't put himself back to sleep, cause he stood up and didn't know how to get back down.
It was an exhausting couple of weeks all over again until we could get him down to only getting up once during the night.
The hard part of all this was that, once he cried the first time around 12 am I was too lazy to feed him and get up and put him in his crib again, so he ended up just sleeping with us.
at 7 months old, it was not a very fun time.
He was crawling on top of us when he would wake up again at 3.
Poking us, scratching us, and just crawling dangerously close to the end of the bed.
It was getting very annoying.
But like most books say, once they learn something new, they wanna keep practicing, and for him it was standing up.

Now he is almost 10 months old, and he goes down around 7pm and gets up again at 4 am. I don't know why 4am but its been pretty consistant.
I know he doesn't need to be fed, but i bring him back to bed and nurse him, he isn't interested and starts crawling all over the bed.
At 4 am. it is not fun.
Then my husband one day got up and just put him back in his crib, and he fell asleep.
So from now on, He is the one who puts him back at 4 am. I know if i were to put him back, he would start crying like crazy.
And we have neighbors i feel so bad for andrew's constant screaming.

Now hes' been teething BAD for real this time
and today i actually felt a little tooth on the bottom!! ekkkk!!
So i know night will be rough.
If i've learned anything these last 10 months is that I need to stop thinking that 'oh his 10 months old he should be sleeping through the night'
Cause you know what, its not going to happen.
Children are constantly changing.
Growing, learning new skills, and they wanna practice them. Which means at 4 am they will be up and crying or jumping on top of you pulling your hair.

So for the next 17 years i'll be prepared for the sleepless nights that follow.

And even when he goes to college, I won't sleep thinking if he's okay, making the right choices in his life, being a responsible boy.

Sorry to break it to all the mommas who want  a baby to sleep through the night, or who like me have been teased by 3 weeks of 12 hour stretched only to be brought back to reality!

This is life. a good life with a baby in arms and lots of cuddles, these night will soon pass and I know i will miss my little baby.

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  1. That is a stunning photo!! love it :)
    Nighttime parenting is hard! My daughter slept 6-8hour stretches since around 2weeks, then STOPPed around 4months :) In all honesty, we through any 'idea age' for sleeping 'thru the night' out the window before we even let it in... haha
    It gets better that's all we need to know, right?!
    ps. you have 14followers now! just sayin' haha