Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Yesterday I tried to do something TOTALLY out of my comfort zone. I tried to make some "tie" cut outs for my little boy.
And just for the record, i can NOT cut striaght! I have never been able to, i failed kindergarden lol. I couldn't cut "on the dotted line" either. Oh well.
This is just for fun, just say i can make those plain white tees more attractive.

i used an old shirt of his, so maybe the fabric wasn't working for me, but hey i think it looks cute :) ( to me the least creative person ever)

I love that picture of my sleeping baby. those are the best times. The times i can just stare at him and touch his little toes. I love all of him.

He's been so funny lately, making TONS of new sounds and using different intonations in his voice, i love it.
I love to see his language grow, and I am STILL WORKING HARD on teaching him spanish. It is NOT easy, when your husband doesn't speak it. He will learn if it kills me. I am fluent in both, not spanglish but actual spanish.
did i mention i hate spanglish? (cause i do)

Also I can't wait for the summer, In july going to chicago for mutal friends wedding of the hubs and I, he is a groomsmen. Then I will stay there for a month, until the hubs comes back from florida again. YAY a month with my family! and a good friend from college is coming up to visit me!  I love being home.

I can't wait to take andrew downtown.
i leave you with this picture of rocky and andrew trying to fight for the puffs.
as my best friend put it " rocky wishes he had thumbs at that moment" indeed he does.

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  1. That is so cute, almost makes me want a little boy :)