Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sleepless nights part 3

Now that Andrew was becoming more mobile, the sharing of the bed became much more complicated.
I swear my back was going to split in two since i was always on my side and my husband was always rolling over at the wrong times. It was a weird skill we both acquired to stay as still as possible since apparently a 6 month old could take all your bed space.
Out routine, if he didn't fall asleep nursing in the bed with me, would be be rocking him to sleep.
He was getting heavy that 18 pound 6 month old boy.
One night we came back from shopping on a saturday night, and i was rocking him, but he was NOT HAVING IT.
He wiggled and screamed and it seemed like he just wanted to be free in his bed.
I was fed up.
He wasn't falling asleep, he didn't want to be rocked now what>?
I put him in his pack and play and walked out.
My husband was shocked i was letting him cry.
But I just could not take it anymore.
And he cried, for 10 minutes and he fell asleep.
I was not against the Cry it out method at the correct time, which is suggested about 6 months. but at the same time I don't know if my heart could handle an 1 hour or 2 even of crying like the book said may or may not happen.
So when it only took 10 minutes that one night, that we accidentally let him cry I knew it was time to let him learn on his own.
Plus, he did not want to be rocked anymore so he kinda told us himself that he was done with all that :).
That first night he woke up once at 4 am. I just patted his back and he fell back asleep.
The first night he slept in our room in his pack and play, but at the same time I knew it could be torturous for him since i was right there and he could smell my milk.
The second night we put him in his own room in his crib.
I was so paranoid.
I don't have a camera monitor, so of course i was walking in like every 30 minutes to check on him. But he was fine.
The second night he slept through the whole night.
from 8-8.
I was shocked.
It had taken 6 months for us to get to this magical night.
my husband and I could actually cuddle and hug that night.
It was the weridest feeling ever.
I cried cause i did miss sleeping next to him
But that feeling only lasted that night.
for the next 3 weeks he slept through the whole night.
I was like " could it be this easy?!"
but it wasn't the case after those 3 weeks....

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