Wednesday, March 16, 2011

10 Months. T-E-N

Dear Dres,

This is my new nick name for you this month. I am known to have like a gajillion nicknames for people. Along those nicknames also are Boo-boo,bunny,desi boy,and your dad's favorite "daddy boy" although you know your mommas boy ;)
This month you have been very vocal. You make a lot of different noises and have all these cool intonations to your voice. You will always be "whispering" something when you get up and as you play with something, as if you wish you could talk but you just make "talky"noises.
There is still no "mama" or "dada" but soon i feel like your going to get there :)
You are very very mobile, you crawl like crazy and super fast, this month you have been brave and let go of whatever your standing and you can stand for about 30 seconds now!
You tried to "walk" and I freaked out, I want you to be my baby forever and ever. I know momma is crazy.
You  still nurse, and i LOVE every moment of it.
You eat a little of everything. You are not the best eater, if that makes sense. You will take little bites here, and there and if i need to feed you I have to sit you down and force you to eat.
This is not a good start, but I am hoping its because your tooth finally popped through!
It came last thursday, and its been some crazy nights these past few days!
I was hoping for 2 teeth to come at a time, but I guess they wanna come one at a time. Oh well ;)
You are so funny, you have such a cute little personality.
You laugh when daddy makes any strange sound and since your daddy is crazy and loves to dance around the house you have also acquired that spirit. You dance and you look so cute!
You have a new laugh this month, its adorable.
You make us so happy andrew.
You are seriously the reason we get up and do things in the morning.
The reason daddy works so hard and the reason I get up.
We love you so much.

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