Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Only one!!!???

These past night have been H E L L
Why you ask? Cause those pesky teeth are FINALLY coming in.
He will be 10 months old tomorrow, and now they decided to come in.
I was hoping 2 would come in at a time, nope. ONE.AT.A.TIME
And I? Well we have not been the lucky ones in the parenting department. Everything that books warn you will happen, has happened to us.
On top of that his little tooth decided to pop up during DST, so its been extra tough.
He was waking up at 4 am then back to his crib till 7am, but these last days he's been up at 11 then 1,at 1am he wants to be up at awake, poking us in bed. Its been crazy.
Last night was the worst.
He woke up at 1:30, in between me comforting, holding, rocking, nursing, and trying to get him back into his crib, it was 4 am when he finally stayed asleep.
Needless to say i was TIRED AS HECK.
Now I leave you with his regular look,thanks to the tooth.

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