Saturday, February 26, 2011

yes, i am his wife.

More of the fun " oh she's your wife" looks today. But much worse
You see everytime my husband introduces me to someone he works with, went to school with ect... I don't know who they expected his wife to be.
So when he says "this is my wife gaby and my son" you can see people's face kinda change, they say "ooohhh this is your wife, your son is so cute"
What? cause i am not a black women like they expected? I am so tired of all the "oohhh i see" looks and all the " hmmm i wonder why she is with him" , Please don't think im paranoid about this, cause i can TOTALLY see it in their faces and reaction, ya know. Why can't it be a simple reaction like " oh nice to meet you " not the extended " OOOOOOOOO". Seriously can't do it. But i brush it off. I just say " nice to meet you"
But today was the worst reaction i have ever gotten.
We went to a Spanish church service where multiple churches met today. We were sitting by some cuban friends that work with my husband. One of their friends came over and was saying hi to my husband friend's wife. She said " oh this is andrew" * the hubs and I were sitting at oppoiste sides of the table*  and this man starts saying " OHHH HEYY MANN" and my husband says "hello". Then the other wife said " oh and this is his wife" he said " whose wife??????!!!" with this horrible horrible tone of voice of extreme shock. She said his wife * pointing to the hubs*
his mouth dropped.
He was like WHAT REALLY?

I was like FOR REAL.
I didn't say anything just smiled and looked away.
Its not like im the hottest thing on this planet. I know why he reacted that way, because a spanish girl isn't suppose to be with a black man.
For real people, its true, racism within minorities exists.
Im so over it


  1. That is so horrible. I have friends who have the same reaction...she's black, her husband is white...and her childhood friends react the same way to him!

    It's such a shame! Especially when we think our society has come so far.

    The one thing I'm thrilled about raising this child on a military base is that so many couples here are biracial here, and I'm glad my child will grow up seeing all kinds of marriages and families and parents!

  2. It exists SO MUCH its sad. I feel extremely passionate about this topic (as you know), and there is so much racism everywhere. It breaks my heart, but it's all the more reason to be passionate about fighting out against it.