Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Birthday Plans

I really want a cute theme for andrew.
But I can not see myself spending 500$$ on a birthday party.

On top of that we most likely will be having it in Miami, so that means travel expenses.
Along with feeding 20+ people we know in Miami.
So I'm trying to not dissapoint myself.
Buying cute "themed" products is super expensive.
Like super.
I mean 10$ for a set of plates I want.
No thanks.
I just want to be surrounded by family and friends that love us. We have made SOME friends here in Orlando, but at the same time i know they don't "love" us.
Plus another set of baby twins are only 3 days apart and i KNOW their mom is going to throw a lavish Bday.
Hence why we aren't going to try to fight for the same brithday weekend and we just want to jett off to Miami.
We should not have even thought of where or when, since my husbands family all lives in Miami.

Anyways, I wish i did have the money to spend on  a lavish birthday, but on 1 salary its hard. I'm pretty sure if I did have the money, I would be spending it on a nice birthday :).

We had our first play date with twins today! 2 girls.
It was fun, the kids played, grabbed each other, and some hitting might have been involved, but that is what kids are like right?
Rocky of course wanted to be all in the mix, but trying to control 3 babies and rocky, i just put him in his cage, he hated it.
You know how you don't know how to feel about people who have pets.
Like you don't want to insult them and shoo the pet away, at the same time you don't want the pet near you OR the kids.
Luckliy the momma liked animals, but still.
Like me, i am NOT a cat person, I'm deathly allergic, so usually i stay away from people who live with cats, cause i can SEE the cat hair on their jackets, and i start sneezing, bad.
I am THAT allergic.
Sucks cause everyone has a cat
Maybe I should live in a bubble.


  1. Don't worry, we aren't doing anything big either! Immediate family, maybe one or two decorations, some food, voila! Babe is surrounded by people that love him. That is what matters. Now how much is spent on the par-tay.

  2. The good thing is, he's going to be so little, he's not going to remember this birthday! Affordable is just smart!