Thursday, February 17, 2011


Its been a good week so far, It started off great with Valentines day and all :)
And guess what I got for Valentines day? A MASSAGE. my first ever. it was amazing.
I loved every second. I wish we could afford to do it every month ;) or week.. haha.
Still looking for a place to live in michigan next year, its so hard to find what you need.
Rocky my dog has been a PAIN lately, if he could run away he would, I don't know why but of course he loves to roll around in dirt and such. ugh.

We were able to get 2 eric carle books the very hungry catepillar and the mixed-up Chameleon for 10 bucks for BOTH! Kohls is having those books for 5 bucks each, and all the proceeds go to their charity. awesome. Cause I was eyeing those books but could not pay 15 dollars for each.

We all need new clothes. Desperately, summer is here in orlando and i have nothing to wear. My son has out grown everything, and my husband is in suits everyday that he has nothing either. We need to go shopping asap.
I need new contacts. ASAP.
I was going through a time where i was getting styes in my eyes, i took predisone earlier this year for an asthma situation i was having and it lowered my immune system even more.
But im tired of wearing my glasses and the hotter it is the more sweat and yuck, not a good combination with the glasses.

Now to keep looking for birthday ideas. ..

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  1. Yay!! you finally went for a massage. hahaha
    We also have the hungry caterpillar book and LOVE it!!
    ps. You have 10 followers!!!! I've been hovering at 6 since I started blogging... I have to admit I've been a little 'absent' from the blogging world lately