Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Randoms and my house

Today I have been feeling BLAH> I don't know what it is lately.
I want to go to sea world. I HAVE TO GO before we leave orlando.
My friends are getting married this summer we are so excited for them. Her hubby to be is going to be doing the same thing my husband does, hospital chaplain, so we like to be living "similar" lives, except of course i have a child and all.
I finally bought a new SD cards to film more baby vids, since our computer is SO FREAKING OLD, i can't transfer any of the christmas/new years/parents visiting and i can NOT delete anything, so i bought a new card 4 gb for 8 bucks, not bad!

Also when did people become so freaking rude at the grocery store, im here with a baby in my cart and some guy cuts me, i had to stop so abruptly the baby came froward, so dumb.
Anyways, Im trying to be my organized with things, since im the WORST in that area, i have all the baby pictures in ONE folder named " baby's first pics" clearly that should have ended when he was like a week old. So now i just made my life more difficult trying to move pictures into monthly folders, awesome.

I wish I could be close to my family, i hate that they only way they see him is through FB and random skype sometimes.

My parents moved out of our childhood home, yeah the economy, i heard miranda lamberts song "the house that built me" and i just cried.
We moved there when i was 13, and since then i have had ALL My important life events
my Quinceanera * sweet 15*
multiple birthday parties
my wedding rehersal lunch
so many events that I can NOT IMAGINE not going back there this summer
I've been trying to forget everything so I don't take it to harsh, but now that I am typing this I am crying.
How will i go back to a random new house? i want MY HOUSE. MY ROOM. MY SPACE.
I will miss you , maple st., river grove... I will never forget you.

My parents are devastated, that my dad doesn't even wanna drive through our neighborhood, its hard. I hate it all. I know some of you understand losing a house, but to my parents it was all.

But, I do believe in a heave and God and none of the material stuff we have on earth will we carry onto heaven, makes things a little easier for me knowing this.

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