Friday, February 4, 2011

My baby boy

There are times when my inner girly selfs longs for a girl. I hate walking to stores and most of the racks are dedicated to girls, and there might be one nice cute hidden "boy" shirt somewhere.
But then i look at him. Smiling at me. Mommy's little boy.
Mommy's little everything.
He is my heart.
I want him to learn about love, and how to love so one day he can make the RIGHT girl happy.
I'm already terrified of who he will pick in his life to spend it with, I can only hope he makes the right choices.
But i love him being a boy.
I remember when the tech said, "ITS A BOY". it took a good minute for me to process what she said, I was just worried he was healthy since i was taking albuterol and steriods for my asthma.
The doctor said everything looks fine and healthy, and thats when i was like OH MY GOODNESS im having a boy.
I guess it was my fear of raising a boy.
I only have a sister, so i felt more comfortable with the girl stuff.
But my mom was SOOOO happy she was having a boy grandson she never had, and then everyone was so happy about a BOY.
I totally forgot about the girl stuff.
I loved all the little animal prints for boys.
I went crazy.
I love him
I love his rough ways and his boy toys.
it will different but it will be awesome.
My adventure with my 2 boys and my boy dog rocky lol.

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  1. First of all, your son is ADORABLE!!!

    Second, I freaked out with I heard I was having a boy, too ;)