Thursday, February 10, 2011

Boarding School

I went to a boarding school for 11 and 12 grade. It was the "cool" school.
See, there is a junior academy i went to that went from prek to 10th grade, and like everyone that went to my school, the next place to go was Broadview Academy.
My dear old Broadview.
I just finished looking at pictures of my old highschool. I had seriously the BEST memories of my life there.
Yes it was a boarding highschool, but it was amazing. I loved it. Some people felt "trapped' or like it was "jail" but i never saw it that way.
I felt like it was a home away from home.
Of course my actual home was only 1hr 30 min away, but still.
I remember the countless nights with my friends.
The nights we would stay up in our dorm room trying to not make too much noise so our RA couldnt hear us ( even though my senior year I was the head RA).
I had my first kiss there.
My first heart break, many first.
As I am writting this my heart is litterly flowing with emotions i might cry.
So many amazing memories that I can never forget.
It was such a big school ,and due to lack of students wanting to attend and not enough funding from our church they had to close down dear ol'broadview.
I was sad when i heard it was never opening again.
Sad that i would not be able to go to my reunions.
Sad that I wouldn't see the people i went to highschool with.
Luckily im still very good friends with my ex roomates, and we went to the same college, and now our husbands are even in the same profession!
Its funny how much you can miss a place.
I feel like my highschool experience was complete with going to boarding school.
I thank God that i was able to go and spend those 2 years there, 2 years that mean so much to me.
I hope that my son will be able to experience what i did, I have to convince my husband he doesn't agree with it, but that is because he wasn't able to go to a boarding school. I understand him too and his points, but you ask anyone who went to a boarding school voluntarily and you will hear they loved it.
I did.

I will never forget those times ever!

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  1. My HS closed down recently, too. It's such a sad, strange feeling.