Monday, February 21, 2011

The foods war

So there is plenty of controversy about cloth vs. disposables or breast vs. formula. Plenty of women who do the one or the other feel judged and hurt, and sometimes feel like they are not giving their child the BEST that they can.
But what is the "Best". Yes somethings are better, and hey if you are able to do them then good for you!
I breastfeed, but I use disposables. so what am I doing good on one end and bad on the other?

Something I have recently felt "guilty" for is making my own baby food vs. jar food.
I use jar food, for the most part when he was smaller. Right now he doesn't want anything to do with jar food, so I am using more table food, but now im going off on a tagent...
The reason I say this, is because i feel like moms are SO PROUD that they make their own food and use all organic fruits.. ect..  and of course i start to feel guilty. Its hard not to. I then realized my son might have had like a total of 3 months of baby jar food. Why should i feel bad? Its the same way formula moms feel, I can't judge right? and not everyone can afford to live an organic food life style?

Anyways, I wish we could all just realize that you raise your children the way you want to. To each its own. and I love to hear about different methods, like moms who cloth diaper, i actually saw a mom do it and it really is simple. Who knows next time.

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