Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Florida Livin'

The news about this massive snow storm affecting like 1/3 of our country is crazy.
I feel so out if it.
I'm from chicago, where it seems like it got hit the worst!
24 inches of snow>? seriously!?
My best friend sent me a text saying that people were abandoning their cars and the NATIONAL GUARD was taking them home.
I can't even imgaine.
You know why>? cause today it was 82 degrees here, i had to turn on my AC and i was hot and humid.
I could not wrap my mind around the idea of snow.
I had a hard time with the Heat here in orlando, but the more i live here, the more i understand why people like it here.
its sunny 90% of the time and its warm. Except for like 2 months MAYBE TOTAL TIME of some cold weather. The coldest this year (which im sure broke records) was 28 degrees.
Needless to say, after this year im going to miss florida. ( i think i got choked up a bit). Seriously guys i have like no friends and def no family here, but something about living here.
Butttt My family will be amazing to have next year as we move to Michigan again.
Again for me. First time for the hubs.
Its been HELL looking for a place to live that is cute,not too expensive, and close to campus.
It looks like we will be living on campus in  housing that I HEAR is not that great.
Super not happy, but since we will be there 3 years, If we don't like it this year we will be able to move to somewhere nicer? idk. we'll see!
Andrew has such a strong personality.
He wants what he wants.
But he is NOT going to get it.
Im so thankful that i am able to not have my family spoling him this year.
I mean that's why i was so spoiled and bratty cause i was the first grandaughter and i was given everything i asked for.
Not this child.
too bad he has my stubborn personality and his fathers strong will.
sweet goodness, Lord help us raise him right.
Since i've HIGHLY contemplated having just this one child, if we do then we have to be way more tactful in raising an only child.
I can't promise that he will be the only child, but at the same time he may be.
Not because I'm selfish, or i don't want to "mess my body" or "give birth" those things come with the territory of having children, and to be honest i have no problem with it. The marks are marks of a long journey, for goodness sake you grew a HUMAN BEING inside you, seriously women need to get a freaking trophy and some huge chunk of cash from the government like Canada does.
Anyways i must go to bed!

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